Quick Guide: How To Repair My Computer Windows 7!

How To Repair My Computer Windows 7

All of us have been down this road once and faced problems with Windows 7. Here is how to repair Windows 7 using the installation disc for Hardware networking and running System Recovery Options to fix the problem.

It is important to make sure that you are using the same edition of DVD that you are trying to repair. For example, getting the right edition for Windows 7 Home Premium or any other version you have.

How To Repair My Computer Windows 7

Since this is a technical process, one might be clueless and wonder how to repair Windows 7. The best way is to use an installation disc as it is helpful for repairing and does not require a product key insertion.

Scan The System Files

Despite trying to keep the computer in the best condition, the Microsoft Windows 7 files can get corrupted once in a while. In case if you are wondering how to repair Windows 7 quickly, here’s a smart tip that can be extremely effective in terms of the hardware networking process.

It is recommended to always perform a simple scan to fix the system errors. This process will help you immensely in terms of increasing the performance and efficiency of your system.

Windows files do not get corrupted easily, but once in while it can pose a problem. Everyone wants to know a quick way to repair Windows 7 without too many hassles.

In order to do so, you can completely reboot the PC. However, rebooting the computer while working on something important can be annoying. The solution to this problem is to repair the files, and it is a very simple process.

First, you just need to start the command line prompt. Type command in the Desktop Search Box, and then right-click on the Command Prompt Menu Entry and select the Run as Administrator option.

After running the command prompt as an administrator, type the command SFC/scan now. This will help the system to verify the files and repair all the corrupted files without a system reboot.

Check For Bottlenecks

Windows 7 is known to perform better than the XP and Vista versions. How you repair Windows 7 and the process of hardware networking mainly depends on managing the basic technical glitches.

In most of the situations, it is an application or a process that slows down the computer. Check for bottlenecks to enhance the performance of your system.

Windows 7 allows you to find these easily with the help of the Resource Monitor. Just click on Start, type RESMON and hit Enter to use this effective tool.

Click on The CPU, Memory, Disk and Network tabs to know which processes are clobbering your system and consuming the major chunk of your bandwidth.

Once you find the problematic process, you will be able to fix it right from the Resource Monitor. For example, you can right-click and select Analyze to see where the problem lies, in case a process gets locked up.

Practice Regular Maintenance

Hardware networking also involves regular maintenance of the system. You can try the performance troubleshooter to check for issues. Always delete the programs that are not in use on a regular basis.

De-Fragmentation of the hard disk can also provide a better performance. Hardware networking is a simple process if you take up the proper steps.

The steps mentioned above are easy to follow and handy. They will help you Repair Windows 7 and perform hardware networking efficiently without any glitches.

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