How To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Web Site!

decrease bounce rate

The time on site, or the time users are spending on your site, is an important parameter to analyse when you are running an SEO campaign.

The longer your users stay to read your content, the better your site’s SEO performance will be as well. Search engines now take factors such as time on site into considerations when ranking websites.

To perform better SEO-wise, there are a number of things you can do.

decrease bounce rate

Compelling Content
Content is the heart of every SEO campaign. To increase the time users spend on your site, you need to write or produce compelling content. Don’t just write long paragraphs. Divide content into subheadings and pages so that users are compelled to spend more time to read through the articles.

Most users will quickly scan a page when they first arrived. After scanning the page, users will then decide whether reading the article through is worth their time. By adding subheadings and stopping elements such as lists and bullet points, you are giving users more information to collect when scanning. As a result, users will be able to understand what the article offers even before reading it carefully.

The impact of optimizing your content can be quite profound. In a case I’ve worked on recently, simply altering the way content is displayed can increase the average time on site from around 1 minute to a whopping 5 minutes.

Better Layout and Readability
You can have a truly wonderful, beautifully designed website, but design alone is never enough. Users can only spend so much time admiring the design of your site. Once the wow effects fade off, it is the way the content is displayed that matters.

Simple steps can be taken to improve readability and make the overall layout of your site user-friendlier. For starters, you can choose better colours and limit the number of colours you use. This will make your site appear less complicated in the eyes of users.

Choosing a readable font, placing the content against a light – preferably white or pastel-coloured – background can also help increase readability. The key here is to place yourself as a user and see if you can read the content your site is offering for an extended period of time.

Also, make sure you have clear navigation across the site. Incorporate techniques such as crosslinking to promote other contents on the site. This will help lower your bounce rate and at the same time increase the users’ time on site substantially.

Get Professional Help
If you don’t know what’s causing the low time on site, you can always work with companies that offer professional and affordable SEO services. The SEO experts will do a full analysis and provide you with things to do in order to improve your site in terms of time on site.

Since the analysis is done thoroughly, you can also spot other potential problems early. Combined with a good SEO campaign, you can easily get your site to rank higher and improve the average time on site greatly.

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