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How To Get Your Old Blog Posts Ranked: Best Practices

Thinking of publishing new blog posts on your blog is not a good way of blogging. In other words, a blog is not to be considered as a good blog even if it has lots of post published on it.

In order to build a successful blog, you need to be do everything for your old blog post to be ranked in the search results. If they are already, try to make it just upper from the current place.


In order to maintain the your posts to be appeared in the search engines you need to implement some techniques and keep your previous blog posts in your mind, if you’re doing so, then it will be very difficult for your competitors to get their post on the top of yours. Am I Right?

Some bloggers especially newbies bloggers mostly concentrate on their new blog posts. They’re doing good on-page SEO for their post at the time of writing. After publishing they also spread it on their social networks but after sometime, they leave it alone.

They do the same thing with the new blog posts. But imagine, what happens to that new posts after he write few more posts? The new posts also becomes old.

So keeping these things in mind, I came here with this post to give you some ideas and show some techniques that can increase the rank of your old blog posts in the SERP’s.

I personally implementing these and hope that will also be helpful for you. Actually there is nothing new practices but some people ignore it after doing It few times.

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Tips On How To Get you Old Blog Posts Ranked In SERP:
Now let get started with the practices that what actually we are talking about from the start of this page.

Interlink In New Posts:
The very first and an easy step you’ve to take for increasing the ranking of your old blog posts in SERP is to interlink it in when you are typing your new posts. Interlinking plays major part in improving the rank of an old blog post and it is in your hand. Nobody can stop you from interlinking because you’ve full control on it. Interlinking becomes very easy and effective in case of a niche blog. You can easily interlink to an old blog post and as a result you get your rank improved in search results.

Share On Social Network:
Sharing old blog posts on your social network profiles are also a good practice for ranking purposes. It gets signals from social media because you and other people share/recommend to their friends and you know every share is counts. So search engine considering these signals and you get your rank improved. It means that you don’t only concentrate on your new blog posts but also look at the old blog posts and keep sharing one by one on your social networks.

Build Links For It:
If you think a post ranked (or not yet) in search results. But you want to improve it the more, you can do off-page SEO for it to make it go to the top. For example, you can write a relevant post and publish on other blog as a guest post to get a link for it. So after indexing that post you may see some improvements. Suppose you’ve a blog post as Online Gif resizing tools. So you can write and publish post with keyword GIF to get your post ranked.

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Update Old Blog Posts:
In case you think your blog post hasn’t a better on-page SEO, you can update and can add more long tail and low-competition keywords to it. So you may see some good results from this too.

Add Related Post Widget and Sitemap to your blog:
You can add a related posts widget to your blog, so people will see related posts at the end of the post. So the possibility is that someone may visit, read and socialize if the reader liked. On the other hand, your old blog post gets a link juice from your newly created page. Similarly, by adding a sitemap to your blog, your post gets a link juice from that page and gets ranked well in search results.

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