How To Fix iCloud Lock By IMEI Number Service

Fix iCloud Lock

Currently there is rumor among the iPhone users that if you decide to Unlock iCloud Lock from your device may be dangerous.

But still this is only a rumor and you should not pay attention to it.

Unlock The iCloud Lock is completely safe procedure and if you do it with the right tools you will be even able to save a lot of money.

If you are wondering how then the answer is very simple.

Unlock iCloud Lock by IMEI code

This service is How to Unlock iCloud Lock on any carrier via this tool, is one amazing hack software which can be downloaded for free from some of the online websites. The software tool for Unlock iCloud Activation lock will be downloaded in zipped folder. Once you have it on your computer, unzip it and run the installation process. After that connect the iPhone device which is iCloud locked and which you wish to Unlock.

The tool will immediately scan the device and connect to Apple’s servers. Now just enter the IMEI code of your device in the required field and the tool will begin the Unlock iCloud Lock process. During the process you need to be patient and wait until the tool gets the job done and Unlock your iCloud account.

It usually takes from 24-48 hours for the Unlock iCloud Activation lock process to be completed. After that the old iCloud locked account will be removed and you will be given the chance to create a new Apple ID with new registered email and password.

How to Unlock iCloud Lock

Once the Unlock iCloud Lock process is complete and you create your new iCloud account there is one final thing left to do. You will have to get the latest iTunes version installed on your computer and start it. Then from iTunes just do update and restore on your iPhone device in order to activate the account. After that the Unlock iCloud Activation lock process will be completed and your iPhone will be iCloud unlocked.

The number of stolen devices on annual level was devastating so due to this Apple has decided to do something about this. They have managed to create the ultimate protection by introducing the feature now commonly known as Unlock iCloud. This defensive mechanism protects the users from thefts and unauthorized use of their devices. In order to use the iPhone first it is required to provide the proper Unlock iCloud credentials. In case the potential user do not know them it would be impossible to access the device.

As you can see it is very easy how to Unlock iCloud lock from your device. If you have any questions regarding the whole procedure you can always contact us and ask for professional help. We are always here to help.

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