How To Extend Gadgets Life?


Electronic Gadgets are ubiquitous in today’s day and age, with people relying on them for almost everything right from communication to information retrieval to entertaining themselves with videos and also for many other facets of their daily lives.

However, fragility is the cost of this convenience and so for these indispensable devices to be working efficiently, We need to take good care of them and protect them from costly damage.


Device Cleaning is essential
Just like everything else even our electronics need to be cleaned regularly. That said; a soft cloth with a mild detergent would be good enough to remove any accumulated dirt or grime away. Chemicals should always be avoided along with harsh cleaners as they damage the phone’s case.

Protect from Heat/Cold Exposure
Extreme swings of temperature can cause irreparable damage to the internal components of your device. So it’s best to not expose your device to extreme temperature be it the sun or extreme cold without protection. Either suitable casing or covering them appropriately in such scenarios is a must.

Invest in a case
More often than not, gadgets, which have a cover, tend to have less maintenance than ones that do not have one. So one of the easiest and most convenient ways to defend your device is to invest in a quality protective case for your smartphone, Ipad or other device. Furthermore, you can get your phone Covers and Ipad cases in bright colors or eye-catching prints to suit your personality. However, pay attention to the materials used as the ones that offer a tight fit and are well padded are efficient at not only insulation but also act a good cushion for those accidental slips or drops.

Charge your device smartly
Do not make the mistake of charging your phone all night long as it leads to overheating, which in turn damages the battery as well as the device. Instead you should charge it until it’s full-charged and allow the battery to drain below 10% before you put it to charge again. And in-case your work is entirely phone-related you could invest in a power bank so your device can never run out of juice.

Always repair your gadgets at an authorized service center
With most of our uber-efficient devices the after-care is as important as their utility. They have complex internal structures and in the event that they malfunction its imperative to get them repaired at their authorized service centers where the experts can handle them. So next time your devices act up, instead of opening the casing and ‘having a go’ at it, which is what usually makes matters worse, take it to the authorized service centers. Rather than paying more for any damage caused by your experimentation, spend on the quality service of the experts.

Protect your screens!
To avoid those pesky scratches on your device’s screen, make sure you get yourself one of those tempered glass screen protectors or at the least a scratch guard. These tempered glass screen protectors are made using tough and reinforced glass, which make them scratch-resistant. Also a screen replacement due to accidental slip or fall can put you back by about minimum INR 6000. So its prudent to safeguard your device as well as your wallet by getting your device protected with a tempered glass.

Lastly, treat your device with respect and don’t throw it around.Although the cost of digital electronics decrease with time, it can still create a dent in your finances if you keep spending more on the maintenance of your smart phone or tablet. So with these practical tips you’ll be good to go and will reap the benefits of handling your device well in the long-term.

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