How To Choose The Right Hosting Service

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Web hosting is a service that is provided by professional hosting companies to post websites on the Internet. Websites are stored on servers, and when someone wants to access a website, they enter the website address or domain name into their browser and their computer will contact the server to produce the website. A good hosting service will also provide many other features for your website such as security. The first step is to get a domain name.

The Importance of a Domain Name
A domain name for your company is almost as important as your name. It stands for your numeric address but is easy to remember and should be a name that evokes your product or service. A memorable domain name will help customers return to your website. You domain name may also end with letters that show your country of origin such as .uk or the type of business you have. For example, government web addresses usually end with .gov.

Your domain name is not only how people find you online, it also expresses who you are. For example, if you sell handmade paper flower arrangements, you may choose as a domain name. Even if your customers forget to bookmark your website, they will not forget paper flowers.

How To Choose The Right Level of Hosting
Website hosting is available in several levels of services and a good company will offer a technical adviser to help you with transferring files, FTP access and setting up the security.

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The minimum level offers 300 GB of disk space, a free domain name, and 1,000 mail boxes, regular scanning for malware and encrypted file transfer. These features are enough to get you started. As your business grows, you will need more disk space and mail boxes. You may also want faster load times and automatic malware removal along with prevention of common hacks. A good service will allow you to upgrade as you grow.

Professional Hosting may include the highest security measures and other features for advanced performance. Your best option is to find a hosting service that works with you to help you get the right hosting package.

VPS Hosting
A virtual private server (VSP) offers you a full-control hosting service. It gives independence from other websites on the same server. You get dedicated hosting for a fraction of what it would ordinarily cost, and you can use your space however you want, which means you can install and configure almost any program as well as manage several sites on one server. It will provide dedicated hosting without buying the hardware or being responsible for the maintenance.

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Other features may include guaranteed one GB of RAM, up to 100GB of disk space, a free domain name, up to 200 email boxes for employees and, along with an online tutorial, a dedicated technician for 24/7 support.

Website hosting is your first step towards successful ecommerce, and you can get a real head start when you choose the right hosting services. Some services offer everything you need for your website for a nominal fee starting from website building, SEO content, ecommerce platforms and website hosting. Why start small, when you can choose a web host that offers everything you need right from the beginning?

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