How To Check Your IP Address!

ip address check

IP address means Internet Protocol Address. It is a unique identifier that connects with Internet or a local area network (LAN).

If the computer is connected to a local area network, its IP-address is available on the network directly, but if the computer has the access to the Internet, the IP-address is available on the Internet source.

You can easily find out Location by using our IP Checker tool.

ip address check

IP Checker tool is free online tool. Each machine on a system utilizes a different IP address sets to send information or data to any other different systems. By IP checker tool you can find out the IP address of a particular Internet user. By this tool you can get an idea in which part of the country or world they are using that IP.

It helps to find your current and other IP addresses as well as duplicate IP addresses.  IP checker tool is simple in use as you have to put the Url of sites in the space given then click on check IP and its shows you  IP address in bottom. Your IP checker tool will give you general details about what is the end IP address of that you want to find like the ISP and organization’s name, the IP’s host name, the region/state, the city, the area code for that region and any known services running on that IP.

IP checker tool is having some unique features like where the holder of the IP has it sign up, where the organization that controls the IP is located, proxies, IPs etc. If you are live in Chandigarh and the controlling organization of the IP is located in another country like Canada, chances are the IP address lookup results will show you Canada.

At best of this tools are you‘ll get the exact city in which the user of the IP is located.  This tool is also used to check IPs in bulk you can check so many IP addresses in this with a single click and it save your lots of time.

If there is any spam mail or any fraud mail then IP checker tool will helps you to get IP address of that mail and from IP address you can easily track the location.

The results of this Internet Protocol Address search utility represent the Host Name, Region / State, communicating / code, Country Name, Country Code, City, Time Zone, Longitude, Latitude, ISP, and name.  The main feature of this tool is in no need of any registration it’s free of cost. In this tool you can check IP address of 100 sites in one time.

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