From Tech Startups To Financial Services: How Industry Influences Office Design

Office design can vary dramatically between different companies and distinct trends are often seen within specific sectors. For example, a typical accountancy workspace tends to look very different to that of a cutting-edge tech firm.

In this blog, we examine how industry affects office design and the importance of creating an environment that reflects your company’s ethos and brand.

Fun and Contemporary Versus Imposing and Traditional

Across the world, tech businesses are leading the way when it comes to creating fun and contemporary workplaces.

From the Santa Monica offices of gaming company Activision Blizzard – complete with colourful toys hanging from the ceiling – to the chilled out vibe of Autodesk’s San Rafael premises, which feature hammocks and deck chairs for staff to lounge on, there are myriad examples of firms pushing the boundaries of office appearance and functionality.

The Dublin base of software specialists Adobe is another case in point. The business enlisted the help of office design specialist K2 Space to create a new work area with a modern, urban feel. The office has a range of distinctive features, such as exposed ceilings with visible air conditioning servicing and striking Dublin skyline wallpaper.

At the other end of the spectrum, more traditional, formal businesses tend to go with conventional and sometimes imposing office designs. The Bank of Moscow’s base in the Kuznetsky Most area of Moscow is a classic example. Located in a historical building, its interior is the perfect match for its exterior and is characterised by rich oak panelling, leather furniture, hanging chandeliers, stained glass, tall doors, marble floors and lots of mirrors.

It’s all about the brand

It’s no surprise that office design trends diverge in these ways. Forward looking tech companies tend to want to highlight their innovative approach through quirky and unusual design statements, while businesses in more traditional fields – ranging from finance to the law – are often keen to demonstrate reliability and continuity through a more conservative take on workplace décor. Getting their respective styles right helps to reinforce their brand and strengthen their appeal among their target audiences.

Achieving the right look for your workspace

You might already have a clear vision of what you want your work area to look like, but if you feel out of your depth when it comes to creating a suitable office space, it pays off to turn to the experts for advice. By approaching specialist designers to help you with an office revamp, you can help to ensure that, regardless of the industry you’re in, you’ll end up with an attractive and practical environment that complements your brand.

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