How Speaking Pictures Can Help You Organize Well

Organizing yourself is very difficult. Often, it needs a rigorous discipline, good memory etc. However, you can change it all by using technology. One such addition to it is the speaking pictures. Speaking pictures, as the name suggests, can speak.

You first capture a picture and then add a small audio to it. Once done, it would have an orange colored line under it. It can be heard as and when you tap it. You have the option to send it to anyone or upload it to a portal called life, where the world can see them

So, here is how, speaking pictures can help you organize.
Take speaking pictures of things that you often forget, it can be your car keys, your wallet etc. Designate a place for that and record the audio which might read as – I am keeping these things here. Once you do that, whenever you find your car keys, wallet or anything else missing, you can refer to the audio picture and let it tell you where your stuff is likely to be.

Take reminders of things, and create a list. For instance, you can take speaking pictures of your task lists which might include picking up your son from the school, making breakfast, babysitting etc. Use a homogenous name for all the speaking pictures. The next day when you set out to do anything, checks out your Voxweb app to see if there are any special tasks assigned.

Store your documents using speaking pictures. By doing that, you would be able to store the documents. You can create an archive and ensure that you use them whenever you need it. Storing documents are fun and easy. It would avoid you of a lot of hassle later on. You can get on the top of the organization by making use of it.

Send special instructions by Voxweb, whether you want to tell your baby sitter where your kids  diapers are, or you want to tell your spouse where car keys are kept, you can take a picture, record your message and send it over to them. That way, they wouldn’t have to search your house hard to find something of a key necessity. It would be all there on the go. They could easily search for the things kept at a particular spot and get what they want.

These tips aren’t all. There are many other things that you can do with this unique concept of speaking pictures and get on to the top of the organization. Voxweb app is available for free download on iOS and Android platforms and there is no fee for using it. So you can start getting on your organization spree right from today itself.

Very soon, you might be able to integrate it to idea management apps like Evernote and get things done far easier than you ever thought you’d be able to.

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