HOW Choosing the RIGHT IMAGE turns your MUST READ blog into a MOST READ blog?

From my experience as a blogger since years, I have understood that the ideal selection of images in my blogs plays an imperative role in the by and large structure of the blog.The gorgeous images attract the readers and contribute to their long stay on the blogs.

Images are to decorate and show to the readers what your blog is about, hence, the images should be so appropriate that it should speak out what you havewritten. One the other hand, if images are not eye catchers, then they will be boring and readers will hardly peep into your blog.

If the image itself is boring, your blog won’t get the crowd its content really deserves. The top most image should be so appealing that it should compel the readers to scroll down the mouse through your blog till the end. Images are the tool to your blog that helps the readers to understand you and also the brand on which your blog is all about.

The point is, no matter how good your language and how rich your content is, it will be considered unexciting by your readers by seeing those boring images. So the interest of a blogger towards his images should be as important as he takes an interest in writing the blog. So carefulness in choosing the right kind of images should be among the highest priorities.

Choosing the wrong image may sometimes lead to rejection of your blog. Because it shows your carelessness towards your work. Even if the content is interesting, if the representation is worst and boring, yourcomplete effort goes wrong. Presentation matters, and it always will. If you are not able to pick a right image for your blog which is the minimum effort as compared to the effort put for the entire blog, your complete blog will be considered worthless.

Images are not just a piece of decorating your work, but it represents your complete concept of your script. It is the visual idiom of what you want the readers to know through your words. Pictures facilitate the audience the way you think about the idea you arewriting on.

Through the images you decide on, the readers categorize how interesting blogger, you are and how interesting your stuffing will be. Hence, selecting precise and best images will lead you to the peak among the bloggers. Gloomy part is that even your blog is the best in the market by its content, but people will hate to even visit it because your pictures are giving them the wrong impression about your blog. Images help audiences to imagine the depth of your lines and if they are bad, people may turn their faces against your blogs and even against your next upcoming blogs.

Images can be yourMEDIATOR to the Audiences
Make sure the images are the attention seekers. They should cheer your idea exchange with your audience. You should be smart enough to opt for the images that are matched to each section of your content. For example, if any of your paragraphs is speaking about awareness to any threat, make sure the image should also represent the same.

Take a stirring image for it instead of a dull one. On the other hand, if the lines speak about something sad , choose a monotonous image that speaks about wretchedness. If your words are about happiness filled with love pick some very dreamy and passionate image, and if it speaks about something nonviolent then go for a natural picture.

And sometimes when you write about any tutorial, make sure you add the screenshots of all the steps as the representations to your page.Try to add covers to the pages you write so that it gives a more realistic and sophisticated glance.

Let the pictures be too SUITABLEto the CONTENT

We take photos to keep our memories captured on a piece of paper because pictures speak a lot what words fail to. Select the image in such a way that it also explains what you are not able to explain in your script through your words. Make clear in your mind that the pictures are so good and similar to the concept of your blog that it enhances your content and makes it richer.

Pictures should be the source of adding positivity to your blogs. So careful selection of these pictures composes a great deal. If not selected sound, then they might create negativity in the reader’s mind. Make sure even if your photos are beautiful, they should not be useless to your content explanation. Be serious that they help the audiences to comprehend something about your lettering.

Let the Picture MARKET Your Brand


If you are writing for a brand, make sure that you represent the brand in your top portrait of your blog. Or else atleast use a similar heading image, with your brand logo for all your blogs. So that when anyone sees the blog they will get to know which website they should visit. Your pictures should always keep appreciating your brand and it should be a communicator between you, your brand and your audiences. The design and quality of the images should be a unique and a high standard which will assist your blog and the brand on which your blog is about to reach the height. So like me, try spending a good amount of time finding the appropriatereflection your blog deserves.

I always make sure that all the images in a single blog of mine, follow a unique theme. Image selection part is the best piece of my task as a blogger, I just love doing it. Every time I read my content I feel like adding more and more images to it and each moment a notion occurs that the images could have been better.

I like seeing how other bloggers select their images and always have fun in learning about their tastes. Try following my notes in selecting more beautiful pictures for your writings and if you have any idea of representing blogs even better, please do let everyone know by commenting in the comment box below.

About the Author:
VaishnaviAgrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

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