Guide For EE Unlock iPhone 6S 6 5S 5C 5 4S 4 Service From EE UK Mobile


If you have iPhone EE UK which is currently locked to some mobile operator such as EE UK then this basically means that you are obliged to only use the services from EE Unlock iPhone via IMEI number.

Or in other words you cannot use different SIM cards or switch between networks when you travel abroad.

Sometimes this can be really troublesome and that is why many people nowadays are trying to find a way to network EE unlocking iPhone.

EE Unlock iPhone From UK Carrier

There are several methods which are currently being used for EE UK unlock iPhone Service. While most of them use hacking tools and jailbreak methods which I must say are illegal as well as not efficient because they only offer temporary solution there is still one method which can permanently EE Unlock iPhone mobile operator.


This particular unlock method uses only the unique IMEI code of the iPhone. With the help of this code network EE UK unlock is being done directly from Apple’s database servers.

Currently the service for EE UK Unlock with IMEI number is number one method and it is the safest guarantee that your iPhone will be permanently unlocked.

In order to successfully unlock your EE UK iPhone you will have to follow the following instructions bellow:

  • First of all you must follow the link from our official EE unlock service page which say Unlock Now
  • After you click the link you will be provided with online form
  • Complete the required fields in the form and in the end Add the IMEI number of your iPhone.
  • Select the EE UK carrier ( If you are not sure whether your iPhone is locked to this particular carrier use our free IMEI checker to find out)
  • Pay for the Unlock using PayPal or DalPay
  • Once you receive the first confirmation mail wait while the Unlock is being conducted
  • After the EE UK Unlock is completed we will send you another email with instructions on how to activate via ITunes
  • Launch iTunes and do Backup-Update-Restore
  • Congratulations your iPhone is successfully unlocked from EE UK network.

This is the best method if like to make your iPhone to working on other simc ard from other mobile network company. I suggest on any here that one hander percent this is the best service for EE Unlock iPhone from UK country mobile network.

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