Gift Your Child the Nintendo 3D this Christmas

Nintendo 3D

Looking for that special Christmas gift for your child? It is tricky to buy Christmas gift for your child. It should be worthwhile and should keep them engaged. Best option would be to gift your child a video game or even better is a Nintendo 3DS.

A Nintendo is a portable game console produced by Nintendo. It is capable of projecting stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses or additional accessories. With the new Nintendo 3DS, your child can play games any time anywhere.

Nintendo 3D

It is packed with features and designed to play the games you love. Apart from this, it has many other features and therefore you can think of presenting it to your child.

It is highly sophisticated, but affordable
The Nintendo was launched in Japan in 2011 priced at ¥25,000 and has various features. It has 3D effects, motion controls and internet connectivity. It has exclusive games. All the systems in the Nintendo family play exclusive titles, which you get anywhere, right from Mario Tm to Zelda Tm, Animal crossing Tm and Pokémon Tm. You can also download other game titles from Nintendo eShop. It also has internet connectivity.

One unique way of connecting is Street pass, a social gaming feature that lets you exchange certain types of data with other people’s system while your system is in sleep mode. It also includes 3D viewing along with 3D slider to change the intensity level anytime. If you do not want 3D feature, you can opt for presenting Nintendo 2DS. It is also compatible with other Nintendo games available in the old Nintendo family system. With so many features, surely any child would be happy to lay his hands on it.

It is always updating
Once any Nintendo system is launched, it does not leave you dry thereafter. Every month there is a new game from Nintendo or third party developer to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and memorable. A striking feature of Nintendo 3D is the R4i. It a flash cartridge for the Nintendo 3D series. The cartridge is an updated version of R4 with multimedia features and enhancements that allows you to use most of the games and applications. The R4i 3DS cartridges have been hit with the NDS user worldwide. You also should be aware of using R4i cards. They are also known as DS cards, R4 revolution cards or simply R4.The recent addition is the R4 3DS card. Retail copies of games are supplied on these propriety cards.

With the craze of R4i cards being so big worldwide, there is an array of manufacturers bringing out their own unique R4i cards. who are reliable and best manufacturers. Retail and download only games are available on Nintendo e-shop. Nintendo have launched 8 games in Japan, 15 games in North America, 14 games in Europe and additional 30 games were launched after its release.

User friendly
You might be wondering that parents are against of giving their child video games. Then how can Nintendo 3DS be beneficial and can be gifted? No need to worry, your child will not turn into a recluse. In fact, many people who use this game can bond over it. It also has parental control involving a pin through which parents can disable auto stereo scopic effects. It is user friendly. People are using it worldwide.

Therefore, the Nintendo is a great Christmas gift, no matter whom you are giving it. Right from children to aged people will enjoy playing games on it. So, no need to think over what to but as Christmas present. You already know the answer!

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