Galaxy Note 4 Vs. iPhone 6 Plus: Note 4 Wins The Race

Galaxy Note 4 Vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung has fully powered its latest device Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a complete set of surprising features and has overcome the traditional issues like battery backup.

One of the most interesting features of the new smartphone is Technology Adaptive Fast Charging & Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, which significantly speeds up your device in charging. It must include the software in the “Energy Saving” device settings.

Galaxy Note 4 Vs. iPhone 6 Plus

When using the supplied battery charger in just thirty minutes the battery is half full, an hour connection will give Galaxy Note 90% of the required energy, and a fully charged battery you can get for additional half an hour. The problem is that you need to do is to use Included Accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review ON CNET / TechRadar Engadget

One can hardly write anything about Galaxy Note 4 without mention of iPhone 6 Plus. But these two devices are very different, so they can be put together and start scoring. Last year, Apple has decided to play in the market of smartphones and giant unveiled a device with a screen 5.5 inches, which is only slightly less than the same details in Note 4. On the one hand you would think that the Samsung after the September presentation of the main competitor started to panic because of the potential drop in sales, but we do not think that the situation is more ambiguous.

Large diagonal
what a couple of years really expect from an American company, but in the case of Phablet we would not bet on it exactly. On the set of parameters both devices, despite the similar size, play in different weight categories.

Smartphone of Apple – it’s just a scaled version of iPhone 6, which received the module optical image stabilization, a larger battery and landscape mode in standard applications. At the same time Galaxy Note – a device in which hardware and software have been substantially optimized for optimum utilization of the screen diagonal. It will choose those who need to make sketches and handwritten notes simultaneously run multiple applications to transmit information between them, and more. In turn, the iPhone 6 Plus – it’s just a big smartphone.

As a result, Samsung Galaxy Note 4
once again perfectly improved model of the line Phablet. This device perfectly covers just two categories of buyers: geeks who want to get the most functional and technologically advanced equipment and business people who are in the first place put the battery life and ease of use with office applications and documents.

However, Note 4 is good in almost everything: the best screen on the market, very high quality camera, great sound and good design with metal frame. Of course, it is possible to find devices that are of a particular parameter bypass the flagship of Samsung: it is not the most subtle, better than all the lifts in the dark, not cheap and has no protection from water and spray.

However, in the aggregate a characteristic Note 4 has virtually has no direct competitors, but headroom and functionality allows you to buy it with an eye to the two or three years of use. Also, Samsung is going to the take the Galaxy S series to next level with the launch of new members like Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7.

8 reasons why you should upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Improved reception connectivity
  • Quad HD screen
  • Improve S Pen
  • High speed charging
  • Improved build and premium feel
  • Multi task screens
  • Improved camera functionality settings and options
  • Other mentions
  • Power saving mode settings
  • Slightly improved battery life
  • One handed mode

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