If you have come across situation, wherein you are making a call to some person locally or overseas and suddenly, you realize that you have limited balance in your iPhone.

If yes, the steps listed below need to be considered by you in true earnest to ensure that you never come across such a scenario again.

free calls

You can consider using the following VoIP apps to call for free from your iPhone and save substantially on your phone bills.

1) Skype
Skype undoubtedly is the most popular VoIP app that can be considered for making calls from your iPhone. Consider this fact; you must be using Skype at your home, so the same should also be on your iPhone platform. When you have the same on your iPhone platform, you will need to select people on your Skype contact list and call them. They will be chatting in no time with you and you will realize the true benefit of the same.

Skype for your iPhone also allows for chatting just like you do through the desktop app. additionally, you can also set your status and profile information.

2) Fring
Another popular mobile VoIP client is Fring. The same can be tried on the iPhone and has given amazing success rates so far. The same is a worthy consideration as it allows for integrating social outlets as Twitter, Skype and AIM. With Fring at work, one will be able to keep social networking platforms and instant messaging modules under a single platform.

Free calls to other VoIP, Skype and Fring users can be made through this app. Download the same on your iPhone and start realizing its benefits.

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3) Truphone
This free VoIP app has much similarity to Fring and can be used on your iPhone with extreme ease. It integrates easily with other accounts as Twitter. Much similar to other VoIP apps, Truphone has its distinct contact list and one can use the same for calling other Truphone users.

4) ICall
As an iPhone user, who is looking for making free calls, iCall is another VoIP app that can be tried for making free phone calls. This can be downloaded for free from the APP store. Additionally, one can link the Facebook account too with this app. iCall offers one numerous options when it comes to selecting accounts. An option for a free account is also available and the same can be considered, given the numerous benefits you will derive by using the service. Go for it and make calling an exciting experience.

5) CallGlobal
Another VoIP app that integrates well with the ambit of your iPhone, CallGlobal as the name implies enables one to call people across the globe. Similar to iCall in features and applicability, CallGlobal enables the users to make free calls to others who are using CallGlobal. However, calls are only free if you talk to someone who is also having CallGlobal app on their iPhone. Ask your friends to download CallGlobal and start making calls without paying a penny.

Calling your loved ones and that too for free is an exciting preposition. The same has been made possible through various iPhone VoIP apps. Use the same and connect with friends and family.

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