Some Features of Windows 10 Will Redstone 2017

Fresh revelations were made on how and when Microsoft will push the next major release of Windows 10, known by the code name Redstone, who is expected to be deployed in two major updates.

According to sources who discussed the subject with WinBeta, the first Redstone update for Windows 10, known as RS1, will be pushed as expected in the month of June – Microsoft has always intended to launch in the first half of 2016.

However, there is bad news for users and businesses waiting for new features on Windows 10. in fact, the latter will be part of the second batch of Redstone, RS2, which was originally to be delivered before the end of the year. The latter (RS2) have now been postponed until spring 2017.

It’s a bit disappointing for fans of the OS, although this is only a rumor. However, the RS2 will apparently host of new features and tweaks that Microsoft does not have time to push in version RS1 – a delay that we have ever heard.

Namely, in January, it was mentioned that the first major update of Redstone (RS1) may not have all the features that the giant Redmond hoped pile, since Microsoft has spent a lot of time on OneCore, structure underlying operating system, focusing on redesigning the deployment version preview of the OS.

Closer integration

So what new features can we expect with the RS1? According WinBeta, it will be mainly related to improving the functioning of various devices under Windows 10 – computers, Xbox, smartphones.

The Windows Store is expected to take a central part in the experience, making it a hub for all content through the Windows 10 machines, and introducing more Islandwood and the Centennial projects.

These allow Win32 desktop applications to be converted to the Windows Store, and optimized for Windows 10. Moreover, we have seen in the course of the week, the office suite Office 2016 to prepare for the Centennial Project.

In other words, you’ll be able to get Office applications on the Windows Store, with a single click.

Another nice feature set for the RS1 is that SMS and cellular calls received on a smartphone running Windows Mobile 10 will be sent to the office computer using technology Continuum. In addition, users will be able to make calls from their PC.

Continuum will now do much more than simply convert interfaces for different screen sizes. And according WinBeta, Continuum will be more commonly used “as a way to bring the devices under Windows 10”.

Finally, we can also expect to see more great games split between the Xbox and PC platforms.

And of course, everything that is not part of the RS1 for any reason will be introduced with RS2 – but not as quickly as we would have hoped.

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