The Features and Apps that Make Google Android Wear So Singularly Awesome

Google Android Wear

Google Android Wear has been creating some thunderous waves, and justifiably so. The technology aficionados of the world had a date with the latest Google toy on July 7, and it looks like, it went well.

Google has already invaded the market with its line of Smart products and Android Wear is emerging to be a platform that will let you carry this toy right on your wrist.

Google Android Wear

Smartwatch is what it can be labelled as. And going by the features they are tossing at the users, they are likely to be lapped up with much fever and eagerness and further raise the Google stock in the market.

The best part about this latest offering by Google Android is that it combines fashion with cutting-edge technology in a manner most seamless and really entices the gadget lovers and those with not so much affinity to gadgets to try this one out. The functionally rich product is set to change the market trends as the competitors are likely to follow suit with their offerings.

You already had LG G Watch gaining a lot of ground in the market, and so has the Samsung Gear Live. Meanwhile, Apple’s iWatch seems to be struggling to find its place under the sun as the competitors keep blazing in with goodies that look superior, at least on the surface.

What’s the USP of Android Wear
The buzz that the Google Android Wear is generating is for a lot of valid reasons. What it essentially does that it gives you the capability to carry all the necessary information you ned with you, or as the tagline puts it forth, “information that moves with you”.

This gizmo goes beyond telling you time. Rather, it makes things even more interesting by offering you suggestions based on what time of the day it is. Besides, it also detects your location and gives some suggestions in the same context. You might be wearing this operating system on your hand, riding a bike and next thing you know, you just get a notification, “2 miles from Baker street”.

While the estimate may sound like a random one, but the accuracy is meant to creep you out. It can also help those treading a dangerous territory. A surfer can straddle the Google Wear around his/her wrist and it can give them a warning if a dangerous animal is round the bend. Yes, it seems far-fetched, but the results have been proven.

Again, one of the highlights of Google Wear is that it allows us to keep connected to the real-world around us and see eye to eye with our friends and families instead of gazing incessantly into a Smartphone screen. Because the notifications will appear automatically, and you get a better idea of how much time it might take to commute to office from home, you can plan out your time with family more effectively.

The Apps that Further Leap the Capabilities of Google Android Wear
The Google play store is already bustling with some amazingly useful apps for the latest offering by Google and if you are looking for some perfectly tailored app for the Google wear, you have got your hands full.

Here are some of the most recommended apps that work in perfect unison with the Google Smartwatch:

For Twitteratis of the world, Bunting serves the purpose just right. This app lets you tweet directly from your Google Wear. There is nothing complicated to its working as you just ned to log into Bunting with your Twitter account and you are good to go.

Wearable Widgets
The name makes it abundantly clear. It is an app that lets you have an easy access tot he widgets, right from your Smartwatch. All you need to do is pick one widget of your choice and it will be duly fetched through the communication between the watch and the smartphone.

Flopsy Droid
Google Android Wear is not all work and no play. Flopsy Droid indeed proves to be entertaining if you ever had an experience with the Flappy Bird, you will instantly connect with this game where bird makes way for a Bugdroid.

Evidently enough, Google Android Wear has made an august entry into the SmartWorld of today, it it’s here to stay.

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