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The increased use of technology among children is causing family divide! The truth of the day has been revealed by the culture experts on a number of forums. We see it every day how our kids detach themselves from the family environment as soon as the pick their devices in their hands. Even though they sit with the family members, their souls roam in the techy world among their devices. You will talk to them and they will be found busy in scrolling the screens. They won’t even bother to make the eye contact.

This is one scenario only. Take any event, say mothers day, birthday or any other family event, you will see family members wishing each other over Whatsapp, Facebook, Facetime and other communication applications no matter how close they live.

These are all the signs of family divide and yes technology has made it possible.

What Can Parents Do?

Keeping the family united is the responsibility of every family member but for parents, it is their obligation. They are the ones, who need to take the charge. The first thing you can do as a parent is; develop their interest in family-centric activities. You can plan board games, a late night movie show, random gossip time or anything that hooks their attention with that you can use cell phone parental controls to cope with the situation. There are many applications available in the market that help you manage your kids’ cell phone usage and other tech devices. Pick any good option such as Family Time to prevent family divide.

Family Time is an advanced parental control app that offers a range of features, but the ones to control devices are:

  • Monitoring and Blacklisting Installed Apps: View complete list of installed apps on your teen’s phone; check their app usage frequency and blacklist their favorite apps during the family time. Initially, they may act stubborn, but ultimately their attention will be pulled back.
  • Remotely Locking the Phone: Along with monitoring, the FamilyTime app lets parents have control over their teen’s device. They can always lock their teens’ phones to restrict screen time during the family gatherings and meal times, etc. Once you lock the phone, you will receive an activation code which has to be entered in the child up for the phone to work again. Till then, it is disabled!

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