The New Face Of “Express Delivery” Is Here

Express Delivery

The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving. It has made its way into all forms of products and services. Businesses cannot undermine the power of selling online.

It is extremely fast, secure and hassle free. However, one aspect of online buying or selling is the wait time for actual product delivery. Even companies who have made a fortune selling online have not been able to tackle the possibility of immediate delivery.

Express Delivery

However, The MobileStore has taken up the daunting challenge to change things.

The MobileStore caters to an extensive audience and provides a comprehensive range of mobile phones from all leading mobile brands in the country. The company has 800 outlets spanning across 150 cities, they have managed to reach out to every town even in the remotest corners of India. Keeping up with the times the company forayed in to enormous field of online selling. The online version of the retail outlet features all the company’s product offerings.

After successfully venturing in to the digital domain, the company has ambitious plans. It plans to revolutionise buying mobiles online. The mobile retailer giant has strategized a new quick delivery system called “Express Delivery” for its online e-commerce portal. Keeping in the mind the needs of mobile buyers the company will now have the mobile delivered to buyers within 4 hours. The company is committed to bring about a change not only to its own business model but also to the e-commerce segment at large.

Like most businesses, the MobileStore also faces heavy competition from other global e-commerce giants. Interestingly, the express delivery feature is being offered to online customers at no extra charge unlike other e-commerce portals. Even the biggest names in online mobile retailing work with a 24 hours window. Some online retailers offer 24 hours delivery; however that entails additional surcharges. The 4 hours delivery is a novel technique developed by the MobileStore and is a first for the online mobile retailing segment.

The process is very simple and can be easily understood by even novice online mobile buyers. The prerequisite is that the customer has to check the availability of the “Express Delivery” service before placing the order for the product.

The MobileStore plans to increase its profit margins by offering world-class products along with quality value added services. Instead of adopting guerrilla tactics, the MobileStore has adopted a rather customer centric approach to tackle cut-throat competition in the segment. The company is committed to bridging the gap between order placement and deliver turnaround times.

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