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Infographics: The Evolution of Music Listening Technology

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Have you ever thought about what happens in one minute on the website Youtube? You probably know as you watch videos on your Youtube Downloader that this website is extremely popular. However, you might not have realised the enormous scale of just how popular it is.

Every 60 seconds there is 2,777,777 videos being viewed on Youtube and 100 hours of video being uploaded – creating a database of more video footage than you could ever watch in an entire lifetime.

Take a look at this infographic for some more mind-blowing facts about Youtube and how big and amazing it is. For example, have you ever realised how much money the top Youtube channels make? Pewdiepie, the number 1 most popular channel, gets 3.7 billion views and makes $7 million per year. It’s pretty incredible that Youtube stars can make that much money just by uploading videos online. With millions and even billions of channel subscribers, this form of media is a very effective way for these performers to reach their audience and spread their message far and wide.

Enjoy the other interesting facts in this Youtube infographic and share them with your friends.

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