Step By Step Guide to Mobile App Design and Development

Guide to Mobile App Design

Mobile apps have become the talk of the town with surge in demand for tablets and smartphones. Due to this, the demand for mobile app development is increasingly growing among business owners. As per 2013 analyst report from 529,000 Direct App Economy, around 60% jobs within 28 EU members were allotted to mobile app developers. Indeed, the increasing demands of mobile devices and their smaller screens mean some serious alteration in the perspective.

Instead of developing application for wider screens like that of PCs, developers could be now dealing with a 3-by-3 inch Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone screen. Through this guide, you will learn the nitty-gritties of mobile app design and development.

What is mobile application development?
Mobile application development is a process of developing software for small and wireless computing devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is similar to web applications but differs when it comes to developing specific software for a particular device to take utmost advantage of its features. Application software developer in this direction will need to consider a range of sizes, hardware specifications and configurations looking at the intense competition in the domain of mobile software that change with each platform.

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Current market scenario
Customer behavior has changed and they are now switching to compact smartphones from PCs. This alteration left software developers in a quandary to formulize PC sized application interface to a very new outlook. While many developers have already gained mastery over such processes, others still need to learn the basics. Today, innumerable web-based platforms for mobile app development are available to developers. These platforms come with integrated development environment and tools that allow a developer to write, test and deploy applications into target platform environment. However, when selecting the right development platform, make sure to consider the target mobile platform, existing infrastructure and development skills.  It is also wise to target more than one platform along with the impact of such tool on user’s experience.

5 tools for mobile app design and development
In order to get advanced application, it is important to choose a platform that makes use of advanced tools and enables you to design a mobile application with clear-cut goals. Below is a list of tools that can help you design a competitive application.

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GENWI is an advanced web-based app builder and management system. It builds android and iPhone based applications and makes the application appealing with rich graphics, photos, videos, and audios essential to gain attention of the customers.

If you run a business in music domain, then MobBase makes an ideal option for you. It offers RSS feed to help you keep your customers updated with upcoming events.

MobiCart is beneficial for ecommerce websites, as it helps in creating an application that enables online payments on your website.

ViziApps combines customizable sample apps with an online visual designer along with a provision of code generation for mobile web as well as iOS and Android native apps. The platform comes with a template app provision that shows how fields, actions and data interfaces are used.

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Appcelerator makes use of IDE, SDK, multiple frameworks, and cloud services to develop a professional system for mobile development.

Although developing application has become relatively easy with these easy-to-use online platforms, professional help is still essential if you want your business to thrive and work efficiently. Such professionals have adequate skills and expertise to build an advance mobile application. Therefore, by spending a little more you can be assured of getting a tailor-made and proficient mobile application, created keeping your business requirements in mind.

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