Debunking the 4 Greatest Myths About Web-Designing

Web design myths

You might’ve heard this a zillion times that believing everything you read on the internet is just next to stupidity.

However, in this modern digital era, it becomes difficult to demarcate the boundaries between what’s true and what’s a complete hoax.

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Web design myths

Although, there’s no solid explanation to back up the claim, but people still manage to believe it. Breaking free from the shackles of this myth, will allow you to jump in the pool without any inhibitions in your head.

Likewise, web-designing stands as a significant tool for a multitude of business-setups (big and small) and a reliable source to market them. Hence, debunked below are 4 such myths that will help you gain a new perspective regarding the same.

#Myth1: A Website Remains Fine the Way It Is
With web design technology evolving at a rapid pace, various constraints have to be kept update too. For instance, think about the phone you have and the time when it was launched, a lot must have changed in terms of technology since then. Similarly, a fresh and new website today, might look a bit old school in the time to come. Take a look at our website and those your competitors have, and try to be honest about how it looks.

What does an out-of-date website say about your efficiency to prospective clients?
Hence, it’s quite imperative to design it keeping the latest trends in mind, along with updated and enticing content.

#Myth 2: Your Homepage Matters The Most
Goes without saying that unless you are going directly to the website, the chances of landing on the homepage are quite meagre. It might also be the fact that the users never see your homepage. Hence, keeping all your flair for designing focused on the homepage might be nothing but sheer waste of time. Think about a user’s realistic first visit to the site.

Let’s say you come across a blogging based website that ranked high in the search results. You read the content, like it to the core and decide to read further about the company. So, then you read some more articles, about the company’s services and people who’re working with it. In the whole process, you never end up going to the homepage, do you?

You might drop a glance on a return trip, but it’s never to the extent sticking on it for long hours.

#Myth 3: Responsive Design is only For Mobile Devices
Well, it’s true that conceptualizing the idea of creating a responsive website design was majorly driven by the cropping up of internet-friendly smartphones, in huge numbers. However, going to an extent of saying that this form is limited to mobile devices would be a false claim.

The basic concept to be understood is that the prime objective for a responsive format is to fit the device and increase the clarity quotient. So, irrespective of the fact that you’re using a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or a tablet, a responsive web design aims at driving better user experience and keeping the site in perfect shape in all these platforms.

#Myth 4: Your Website is Nothing But A Sales Tool
Agreed that it help for your company’s sales figures to creep up exponentially, but designing your website around the sales objective wouldn’t help in increasing efficacy. A design focusing on sales would present enormous graphics and buttons that beg visitors to click on them. Apart from demonstrating desperation to make some business at your end, it will never inspire the visitors to return. Plus, you might also lose out on a considerable number of leads a casual visitor might have created.

It can be a bit hard to break habits and beliefs built over a period of time, even if they are based on myths. But keeping the above tips in mind, it should be comparatively easier for you to break these false rules. In case there’s something I missed, feel free to add more in the comments section.

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