How To Create Mobile & Tablet Application for Kids?

mobile apps for kids

When creating applications for kids people need to understand that children are quite different than adults. The graphic designing approach and the UI development for applications for both children and adults is quite different.

For the children there are certain things that the applications must possess at all costs; which is they should be positive, quite fun and interesting to use for the kids.

mobile apps for kids

Kids will not reconsider opening your application a second time if they do not like it, they just do not have the patience for it.

To start making this application you first need to think just like a child would. The tricky part is that children of different age groups tend to think in different ways. For children up to 2 years of age applications can appeal to their sensory motor intelligence, for children aged 2 to 4 it is their preconception thoughts.

Children aged 4 to 7 respond the most to intuitive thoughts, from 7 to 11 application designers can appeal to concrete operations and then from 11 to 15 applications work well with formal operations.

Thinking like a kid also applies to the appearance of the application. There is a need to use bold colours and characters that will “speak to the children” in all of the cases.

While developing the application think of how the children will interact with application. The most spontaneous reaction is that they will tap the interface most spontaneously. Swiping to take things from one place to another is another gesture that comes to children without thinking.

Now navigating once inside the application is one of the trickiest parts for children. The children’s inquisitive nature will make them touch just about every location on the screen.

Make sure that there is only one spot that could lead them away from the main page, if not that then the screen should have minimum amount of texts and more images.

Keep in mind that a large majority of these children might not know how to read properly as yet, and they are not likely to ask their parents to read out what it written, they are most likely just going to keep tapping and touching till something happens on the screen.

Applications that prompt children to learn alphabets, numbers and rhymes are supported by parents more than applications solely devoted to games. When developing applications make sure that you do not add anything in them that parents might find inappropriate.

All in all, creating applications for children are just as challenging as they are fun, if you design applications you should really develop such an app or two.

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