Conception of Uber trucks at China outturns one billion dollar


Uber has almost tried in every service related to ride-hailing. Be it success or failure, they come out with a new approach continually.

Apart from the new ideas and approaches over the schemes in the rides now they have given a new try themselves. They have almost tried everything on the basis of conveyance.

They make transportation easier and lighter for the people to plan about anything related to travel or shipping of goods from one place to another.


Like that Uber has touched to a different zone which it hasn’t tried out before. The new trail on shipping of good using trucks rather than a passenger rail-hailing service has become successful and added a boosting point to the company’s reputation.

Truck Alliances Inc well known as “Uber for trucks”
Truck alliances are an agency which renders the people of China with anything in and out about shipping services in that country. The highlight about this truck services available at China is this is an organization which is predominantly a reputed company among the trucking services to fix up the contracts and bookings online. The application grants its users to add the load information in it and the information will be passed to the truck drivers. It’s pretty safe and legit to let the truck drivers know the details about the goods they gotta deliver to.

The company is span across many countries around the world serving its customers with two million truck drivers and three-hundred and thousand shippers on its platform. The organization gives life to about two-hundred and thousand truck drivers every year. The enterprise is also planning to spread its wing among fewer new cities and nation like Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. These countries will surely embrace the new association concerned with shipping and truck services because they have a scarcity in the railway structures for the residences which are inside the city. So they largely believe in the transportation of goods and services which are on road. The services integrate to the truckers and shippers all around the country.

This is basically a service which has similar procedures as Uber, the ride-hailing service follows. The organization has its original name as Huochebangis popularly known as Uber for trucks. As they deal with their services and freights with the help of trucks they are called so. But they largely differ from one thing, they don’t crave that very desperate on people’s connection to their application.

It’s astonishing count off
The Uber for trucks organization has relatively a draconian and a robust number of supporters. Almost eight out of ten goods and services which are carried out in China is through road rather by railways and forty percent of the services are accomplished through Houchebang. The company is a newbie to the industry but still, they show a huge surge in their market value and marked a reputation to their organization either.

Tencent, one of the shareholders who take huge share in investments and revenues had planned to partner with the leading video call and instant messaging application WeChat in order to make the online bookings easily and to aid the enterprise in future with newer enhancements thereby increasing developments in its platform and betterment in future evolutions. And unlike the other ride-hailing online booking transportation services like Uber and Lyft, Huochebang does not generate their revenues higher by the amount or percentage the drivers get paid instead they increase their revenues by selling a range of different services the truck drivers afford to do. The toll card also includes in this listicle.

Why this truck service turns substantial in China?
As discussed earlier China is a country which largely looks for truck services rather than railways for transportation of goods and services. There is no apparent reason for it, though. They significantly made use of the company, Huochebang since they run their business with less risk and they are transparent. The organization has been a rising star and it’s just been a couple of years since they have started their company but their growth is gigantic. They signed in with big deals continually and they summed up a value of one billion dollars recently showing the world that they are a “unicorn”.

It was once “Urbanization” which kept trending, here comes “Uberization”
Uberization might be non-canonical term though now it’s become pretty familiar among all of us. Because in every freight service we see there is a mild trace of Uber which reminds all of us about it. But Uberization doesn’t refer to that; it means that Uber has gone a lot of places in different versions of services. And now Uber for trucks has started serving the United States of America. For China “Uber for trucks” was entitled to Huochebang which went pretty familiar because of this title either. Now at the US there are three big shots striving to entitle themselves with that privileged title.

Uber Freight is the first one which is the first one which is looking forward for the title as it says that they belong to the same association and they have the capabilities to enlarge its fame more and more. This is basically a website which hasn’t gone on the floors, the approach is to bring self-driven cars into the city and now trucks also add up to its list.

Secondly joins Cargomatic which is more or less a clone of Uber. The company is just two years old and it makes use of Uber’s approach in many places. This application is significantly known for its lower price in shipping charges and also renders a service which is satisfactory. They largely run at Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

And at last Convoy, a startup company originating from Seattle which has the same common utilities as that of the other two applications.  There is one distinct thing about this application which is that the application runs Amazon and eBay as its backers.

Huochebang receives a one billion of valuation
Bloomberg report says that Uber for trucks fame Huochebang in China has yielded a valuation among of one billion last year. The Business Insider has depicted the demographic report of the same-day delivery ethics followed by the truck service. The key points of the report infer as follows.

The reporter believes that two percent of population relishes the same-day delivery service on an average people living in cities. And the revenues would reach a profit of $1000 million in 20 US cities.

The customer’s expectation on same-day delivery has abundantly fulfilled. They gave an overwhelming response to it. The estimate says over four out of ten in population would opt for online shopping to traditional shopping if the approach seems to sustain for long.

But there are also another huge number of people who would still support online shopping even if the factor of same-day delivery is not available. About ninety-two percent of the population says that they can wait for four to five days product for delivery also.

The same-day delivery factor predominantly attracts those who live in the cities, the male population and most preferably the teenagers or youngsters in common.

Bottom line
The new Uber for trucks approach is something which is responsive and appreciative. The idea has to reach down the line else it would be a cliché just like another Uber ride-hailing online transportation service.

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