Some Common iPhone 5 Problems and Ways To Solve Them!


The release of iPhone 5 witnessed a grand welcome with its 5 million units sold in the first three days only. It became the rage amongst both young and old. People carried it as a style statement to flaunt their expensive gadget love.

Having enjoyed such a huge popularity for this time around, there were also many flaws which were slowly realized. And, this started the race to find a  proficient iPhone 5 repair specialist.


Well, not so exceptional in case of the smartphones, there are some common gripes which people came across while using these tech-devices. The users have been complaining about these iPhone problems all over the web and around the world from quite a long time and were waiting for their solutions. Here in this post, I will let you know how to work around these issues and will help you in fixing them wherever possible.

Issue 1: Inappropriate Apple Maps
The inaccuracy in Apple’s new navigation system was a big problem for all those who followed maps while traveling. It is inaccurate for most of the places and is lacking in many other core features. This app is buggy and needs an instant improvement. Well, it is difficult to get an instant fix up for this application, but there is always an alternative. Right now you can access it on your iPhone 5 through the browser or can take the help of some repair service for understanding the whole process.

Issue 2: Wi-Fi Connectivity
Another big issue with iPhone 5 is that sometimes it refuses to connect and sometimes there is a total drop in the connection. The Wi-Fi connectivity of iPhone 5 is not that good. Even while standing next to the router, it shows an extremely low signal strength. The solution for such a problem is either restart your phone, which is not a permanent fix or take it to some iPhone repair specialist for immediate replacement.

Issue 3: Battery Problems
Most of the iPhone users complain about the battery problems. This can be in the form of overheating or quick and excessive battery drain. In such a scenario, either you should go for a battery replacement from some renowned service center or perform a hard reset for your iPhone. There is one more way of making things normal, just delete your Exchange account and restart the device to create a new one again. In this way, you can get over with almost 90 percent of your battery issues.

Issue 4: Screen Scratches and Tempering
These iPhones are subject to frequent scratching and scuffing. Even after that protective coating, there are complaints of scratches and chipping, which have made this gadget quite unsafe to handle. So when a problem like this arises, it is better to get it polished or have some coating over it from some experts. This is the best way to hide those scratches and chips. While in case of tempering, the only solution is screen replacement.

Issue 5: Camera Not Up To The Mark
As it is the iPhone, so its camera must be the best. But, the things are the other way around. Many users have complained about its poor photo quality and has reported some strange purple glare in them. This is a problem with iPhone 5 and in order to get things corrected, it is advisable to take it to some reliable third-party repair service, which is a better idea in comparison to the services of the Apple center.

So, next time you come across such issues, use the discussed solutions and bring back your iPhone to its normal working state.

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