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Speaking in the most basic terms, a cloud server represents a virtual server that is located and operates in a cloud computing environment. This is also the reason why cloud server or a larger number of cloud servers that are interconnected are called VDS or Virtual Dedicated Servers. Every cloud server can be called a VDS, but the opposite statement will not always be true.

The reason behind this is the fact that virtual dedicated servers can be located on a single piece of hardware from where it operates, for example, a single server set. When this set fails for some reason, the entire VDS network fails as well. But, with a cloud server, this cannot happen. Any cloud server is based on more interconnected units and its software is independently run. This means that a cloud server possesses all the required software and there is no centrally installed element whose failure could bring the entire network down.

Thanks to this special kind of flexibility, a cloud server is an ideal solution for growing needs of almost any field of industry. Aside from the flexibility and robustness when it comes to any potential problems or failures, a cloud server has some additional benefits. Here are the reasons why this kind of a solution can provide the ideal environment for a growing business.

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Freedom to modify all the servers:
Traditional models of server networks meant that any change or modification caused the entire network to be shut down or at least to switch operating parameters so that these changes can be completed. With cloud computing and a cloud server, this problem is simply not present anymore. Using this solution, the network operators have the freedom to modify or change any software element of the application. This possibility covers even the kernel, which represents the most basic set of operating parameters for a system. At the same time, the virtual network continues to work as if nothing is happening, meaning that all business dealings and transactions can go forth in the same manner as they always do. This way, a change of any kind can be completed without any disturbance to the broader server services.

Stability and security:
Every network values stability and security as one of its top priorities. Using a cloud server, network operators receive an environment that was created in a way that makes it very responsive to any type of problem that had the power to overwhelm old networks. For example, if a cloud server is overloaded with requests, the same requests are spread out throughout the system and resources that deal with them are automatically activated and turned on. This way, stability is guaranteed in all circumstances. The same is true for security because this interconnected way of cloud server operations means that there is no single central point for any attack or intrusion.

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Cost ratio performance:
Building a traditional type network demanded the purchase of physical servers, connecting them and installing the necessary software applications. These had to be tested and calibrated before they enter use, and once they finally did, they needed to be operated and maintained by a dedicated team of IT professionals. With a cloud server, these costs are all eliminated, and the cloud network users are still left with all the benefits and features of a traditional network.

Cloud servers are definitely the way forward for any growing business and its expanding needs. Thanks to the fact that a cloud server is stable, secure, fast, and cheap way of maintaining a network of any kind, using it will provide a business with an environment that will support its growth in the best possible manner.

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed server virtualization and cloud computing service provider company. Whereas the trusted localized and authorized Vmware business partner in Portland, Oregon.

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