Challenges in the Indian Smartphone Market (Infographic)

The current year 2014 has witnessed a very great increment in the Indian Smartphone Market as the no. of Smartphone users in India have also increased.

Now the situation is that it is not possible to imagine a single day without the Smartphone. But despite all of this the Indian Smartphone market is facing many of the challenges.

The various Challenges are:-

Introduction of more players in the Market
The Indian Smartphone Market is facing a very tough competition with the coming of the Domstic as well as Chinese Brands in the Indian Markets. These new brands are using the E-Commerce sites as their sources for selling their products.

Technology Advancement
The technology is evolving everyday at a very fast rate and it is often quiet hard to keep up with the day to day technology advancements. So the rapid evolvement in the  technology is making it difficult for the Smartphone Manufacturers to keep up.

Chinese Brands
The Indian market has witnessed the entry of the Chinese brands which are providing value for money Smartphones i.e these Chines Smartphone manufacturers are providing high value devices with new and unique features at very low cost. All of this is threatening the current market leaders as these Chinese Smartphone manufacturers are providing super cheap budget Smartphones. The best exmaple of this can be seen by the sales of the Xiaomi Redmi 1s in India.

Domestic Brands
Despite of these Chinese Brands people here in India still buying Domestic Branded Smartphones such as Micromax, LAVA, Spice etc. These brands are giving a very tough competition to major brands such as Samsung.

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