Best Smartphone to Watch Out for in 2015

Best Smartphone

There is a whole range of smartphones waiting to go for the finishing touch in 2015. Of course, the first of these will be introduced in the upcoming CES 2015 event.

The rest will arrive at their convenience throughout the year. Annually, the Consumer Electronics Show is held in January. The venue of this International event is of course Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada.

So which are the new smartphones to be launched in the coming year, and which of these would qualify as best smartphones in 2015.

Best Smartphone

In order to classify any smartphone as one of the best, there should be some criteria.  Here are the ten most important things people look for in any smartphone –

Features including cameras, Internet connectivity, display resolution & size, and Memory
Battery life
Flexibility in feature upgrades
Compatibility with Android or software that offers a seamless experience

Based on those ten features, it should be easy to evaluate the best smartphones that are likely to arrive in the market in 2015. Though there are many smartphones that are liable to be launched in 2015, the following are worth checking.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
This device is actually a phablet so it can make an entry into this list. Obviously, display is larger. The device also boasts of unique curved extension feature.  The other notable feature of this device is the possibility of lodging the widgets and shortcuts on its right. The smartphone focuses on QHD no doubt, but other than that all features are pretty much what the market is already familiar with in Galaxy Note 4. At $399 however, it does seem a bit expensive considering that many other similar devices are available at a price that is almost $100 less.

Google’s Nexus 6
This is one of the new smartphones to watch out for; however, the device gets an enormous controversy over its pricing. Most people would find it difficult to pay $649, which means that market share goes to other companies. So what makes Nexus 6 special enough to command that price? The device has 5.96 inch display panel having resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels.

The other reason this device is this expensive is because of its chipset and storage memory. Google has included Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 in it. Obviously processing will be much faster. Faster speed indirectly reduces battery consumption. There is a drawback too. The device does not facilitate microSD extension, which is sad, because if it were possible, then perhaps, this device would reign for a real long time.

Microsoft’s Lumia 535
Microsoft is resorting to target marketing with this device. With just 5-inch screen, it does seem out of the league amongst the big wigs.  Lower price would draw many people to this device.  The company is likely to introduce the RM-1052 as a replacement for Lumia 1020. This means, the company also has intentions to retain its market share in the photography field. It may be recalled that Lumia 1020 was one of the best smartphone devices for photography.

LG G Flex 2
Learning from its mistake in the previous model, LG has reduced the screen size to less than six inches. The Korean smartphone company is also likely to pack several other features into the device since it has been aggressively focusing on the smartphone market.

Motorola Moto Maxx
The screen on this device is 5.2 inches, but Quad HD. As sweetener, the device comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. It has 21-megapixel rear camera and Qualcomm’s SD 805 that certainly adds to the charm of this smartphone.  This is an Android device, which tilts the balance in its favor. Its display screen incidentally is protected with Gorilla glass. The other feature is its 3900 mAH battery.

OnePlus Two
One Plus is relatively unknown smartphone company that actually had a good run in 2014. The only hurdle this Chinese company faced was marketing and production mismatch. It is now likely to come up with OnePlus Two as a follower of OnePlus One.  Obviously, specifications and features will be better than the previous version. At $300 a piece, this product will certainly be worth to be purchased.

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