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If you are worried about intruders checking or hacking important details from your phone then the advanced version of the privacy app will keep all your worries at bay. There are several apps available in the market which commits to provide security to your smartphone but when it comes to securing private data there is no match to the latest version of Privacy Guard.


The latest version of Privacy Guard comes with much more advanced features and with a simple outlook and design. It has an updated version of the privacy scanner to check the Wi-Fi network of your home and help you lock your photos and videos as also the several apps within your device. It comes with a brand new revamped interface and speed boost feature as well as app covers to fool intruders who try to get an access to the locked apps on your phone.

Updated features of Leo Privacy Guard Version3.0
The best part of LEO Safeguard V3 is that it can be installed in any smartphone, be it a normal smartphone or an i-phone. Its additional security feature takes a photo of the person who secretly tries to gain access to the personal information and files contained in your pocket device.

Many users were unsure about the safety of their phones when they were trying to access public Wi-Fi, but after the launch of this privacy app they have now become worry-free. After getting the app downloaded a small introduction will be given and then you will be asked to choose a suitable password for securing your device.

The password can be either a pattern lock or a pin lock which you can choose from. It is also recommended to set up a security question so that you can retrieve your personal files and data in case you forget your password. Having such fabulous features it is considered as on of the best privacy lock app to download from the app store.

The anti-theft feature to protect your phone from being lost or stolen

It can never be told with certainty that your phone will not get lost or stolen. There is always a fear of losing your phone, howsoever safe you might be. But with LEO Safeguard V3 installed in your phone you have no reason to worry about losing your personal files and data even if your phone gets lost or stolen.

The anti-theft feature of this app can locate and lock the private information and data and even delete it after such mishap occurs, thus enabling its user to locate and trace the lost phone. It comes with an added break-in-alert feature which takes a selfie of the trespasser trying to get an access to the secured files after typing the wrong password thrice.

With that you will be able to find out later who was prying on your personal information. The improved and better security facility provided by the latest version of this privacy app makes it one of the most preferred apps among smartphone users.

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