Best iOS Card Games 2017: 6 Top Collectible Card Game for iOS Devices

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Card games are the best old school games that we all enjoy playing. It is still an ideal game to play during travelling, nightout or a family picnic. Card games have also entered our Android, Windows and iOS devices eventually. The solitaire card games are played universally by all generations and it is also important for this generation to carry forward the old card game lineage.

The iPhone and iPad are not behind too, card games have captured great attention. Along with the traditionally played card games, card games come with a twist except those hearts, spaces or UNO. We present to you some prominent card games played on these iOS gizmos.

Top 6 Collectible Card Games for iPhone Users 2017
Endure into these 6 best and popular card games available for the iOS users. Most of these card game apps have a tutorial, at first play easy then change your level. Earn points to buy efficient cards or equipments. Try out these cool card games and lose yourself in the world of magic of spells! You will surely enjoy!

1. Hearthstone: The Heros of Warcraft
Card game Hearthstone requires a great combination of strategy, easy gameplay and some old pals. Developed by Blizzard, the player plays with decks of 30 cards and a selected hero.  Players have to use their limited mana crystals to cast spells or summon minions. The main goal of this game is to bring the opponent’s health to zero. Earn royalties and use it to buy new cards.

2. Magic Duels
This card game is based on the popular card game titled ‘Magic: the Gathering’. It provides single player modes to introduce new players and experienced players. Challenge against other players and generate points. This card game features free-form deck construction and allows building a card library with the in game rewards. Purchase new cards and boosters. Follow the storyline that leads to victory.

3. Pathfinder Adventures
Remember the older days, playing with the dice and other pen and paper games? The Pathfinder adventure brings back those days, the player need to use his decks to go on an adventure like characters in your party, things to protect, spells to overcome enemies, as you indulge in the game get acquainted with new secrets. Each deck received by players consists of weapons or gears, with these players go on an adventure to defeat a series of themed locations and quest decks.

4. Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer
This is a different deck building game that allows the player to use his cards to buy better cards. Players start with a limited set of cards and build a store for heroes, mystics, constructs as they compete with other players and monsters to earn victory. The game is well-scripted tutorials, detailed cards, various AIs to help you through the game.

5. Combat Monsters
All collectible card games have an RPG element, but Combat Monsters are different. At the beginning, the player chooses his hero or warrior. You won’t have cards representing creatures, spells, but weapons, equipments and armors. That is strange? Those who are interested in playing trading card game along with a spice of strategic elements will surely love the game.

5. Shadow Era
This card game has totally changed our view in playing the traditional card games. The player simply, has a single set of cards that is used to cast a spell or build your mana pool. The gameplay starts with 2 players. Each one is provided with 26-30 health, the winner is the one who completely brings the health score to 0. It has beautifully drawn cards and features that, except the player to be quick in making strategies.

This list carries many such nerdy names that will get you grooving to your iPhones. The gameplay of these card games are different from the childhood played games; they are known as collectible card games that need to have a good strategy at place. Try these card games and get acquainted with a whole different world of card games on your iOS devices. Try any one of these to know!

Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.

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