What Makes You An Award Winning Web Designer

Just like Doug Hughmanick, Edwin Tofslie, and Laura Wills, an award winning web designer needs award winning mind and award winning skills that set him apart than others.

Web designing is not just artistic skill but requires technical expertise blended in one web designer to come up with a best web design that is accepted worldwide by web designing gurus.

What qualities must be in Award Winning Web Designer?

A web designer has shared some qualities. He must be:

  1. Artistic and Creative
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Offering Cost Saving Measures
  4. Regular Communication with Clients
  5. Latest Market Analysis
  6. Dedication to Projects
  7. Innovative Presentation
  8. Technical Skills

How To Fit in job Description for Web Designer?

Web designer is the person who brings life to ideas. He is the force or the backbone to make a web design successful. He is the person who not only must be a designer but a professional to understand core value of a project, accomplishing it professionally.

Need To Fulfill following mentioned job descriptions To Be Award Winning Designer

  • He should meet clients to identify their requirements and for liaising with them
  • He should determine technical needs of his client
  • He needs to draw website specifications in detail
  • He must research latest web designing trends.
  • He should meet legal requirements of a website such as accessibility standards, privacy and freedom of information
  • He should work with team of specialists that includes web developers and graphic designers
  • Web designer needs to design sample page layouts that includes text size, style and colors of a website
  • He must design graphics for a website, adding animations and digital photographs as per client’s need.
  • He must have knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • He should register web domain names
  • He has to organize hosting of the website
  • He must have command over latest tools and techniques of web designing
  • A web designer must do efficient coding by using variety of software
  • He must present initial design ideas to the client for approval and feedback
  • He needs to work with different CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • He has to edit content, debugging the code and needs to re-designing web pages if needed
  • He needs to test a website to ensure its working and platform compatibility
  • His duties also include designing a website’s visual imagery and proofreading content and grammar
  • He must ensure that a web design matches the company’s branding policy or the requirements of the client
  • He must be prompt to make changes where ever required
  • He should work on each aspect of a website’s design and to hand over complete design to the client
  • He must train other team members to meet a client’s demand
  • He has to offer post-sales technical support
  • He needs to provide continual professional development for the web design he has created
  • He must keep abreast of latest and up to date software developments trends.
  • He must create back up files and solve any code problem

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