Avoid Making These Simple Mistakes When Building Your Website

Let’s be honest, we’d all like it if everything we did in life was easy.

It’s not that we mind putting the effort in when we have to, but if the opportunity presents itself to get what we want without doing so, we’re probably going to take it.

Which is why it’s no surprise to see that, when it comes to launching their own website, more and more people are eschewing the old approach of hand-coding an entire site in favor of taking the easy route; using Content Management Systems like WordPress or even online website builders like Wix and Weebly.

web design mistakes

Taking all of the hard work out of putting a site together, the latter two require little more effort than choosing a template, dragging and dropping elements into place, and hitting publish. Still, as simple as that may sound, it isn’t unheard of for new website owners to make the occasional mistake en route to that all important publish button.

It likely goes without saying that, when you come to build your site, you want to avoid those mistakes at all costs, but of course, that’s only achievable if you know what they are.

Here then, is our guide to the simple mistakes some people still make when building a website, and how you can avoid them.

Going in without a plan
You want the whole process of building your site and managing it long term to be as easy as possible, right? So why would you get to work without first having some sort of plan in place?

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It doesn’t have an epic document covering every minute detail, but at least having some idea in place of what you want to achieve, and how you’re going to achieve it, is going to help you do just that, and avoid even more mistakes en route.

Plus, once you actually get that site live, having a good plan in place will help guarantee that, rather than letting it fade into obscurity, you actually have things you can do to keep attracting new visitors.

Stealing images from Google
It seems like the easiest method to take when we need images for our website, doesn’t it? Just head to Google’s comprehensive Image Search, bash in a few keywords, and take our pick from the results.

Easy as it might be at first, it’s only like to cause you a whole series of problems down the road when those who own the copyright on those images discover that you’ve used them without gaining their permission.

At best, they’ll ask you to remove them, meaning you’ll have to start looking for new pictures. At worst, they’ll start threatening -and may even pursue- legal action, and that’s the last thing you need.

With many of the best online website builders coming complete with their own free-to-use stock photo libraries, and with countless other options available, there’s no real need to steal from Google images anyway.

Ignoring mobile users
In this day and age, you’re probably going to find that more and more of your visitors are accessing your site not through their computers or laptops, but via their mobile smartphones, or tablet devices like the iPad.

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It’s a common mistake to automatically assume that, just because your site looks good on a desktop computer, it’s going to look just as good on your iPhone. Not so. Take this website for example, whatever you’re using to read this article, go check it out on a different device. We’re willing to bet you’ll see some notable differences.

So some website themes are automatically responsive to mobile and tablets, not all are. So before you start to build your site, look at how you can ensure all those visitors coming in on their phones and tablets can get the experience you want them to.

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