AVG for Android – Antivirus Software Pros, Cons and Review

AVG for Android

Review of AVG For Android. When I started blogging in 2006, I was using blogger.com as blogging platform and writing reviews for few companies, as a part-time blogger. Now I am writing review on my blog and not for any one. It’s just for my blog readers and yes, off course, for my future to earn little money by blogging. Take a Look on AVG Android Antivirus Software Pros, Cons and Review.

In 2006, there was lots of software to clean PC and remove viruses from pc. Last year, I used Kaspersky registered version. I don’t like to use free or demo version. It was bit well. My experience with it and other software’s are almost good. I don’t like to spread negative words for any of antivirus manufacturing company. All are making good products.

I found no more difference in last versions of AVG antivirus. But latest one is good. Main plus point of this antivirus software is PC is not affected by this software.

AVG for Android

Maintain PC Speed
All other versions used by me, were affecting my pc speed. I am happy that, this version is not making my pc slow, it helps me lot for blogging. Because my net connection is not as speedy as other have, and in that case, if I get my PC slow, then blogging looks like boring.

Pros of AVG For Android

  • More features than previous version
  • Free, so just get, install and enjoy.
  • Good and Non Disturbing Scanning Process
  • Antitheft features
  • Remote SMS commands
  • Handy data usage monitor
  • Performance and privacy tools

Cons of AVG For Android

  • Not all features are free.
  • Browser protection: Not correctly configured on some devices.
  • Long malware scans
  • Unusable awkward ignore feature
  • SMS blocking conflicts with Google Hangouts (I could not check this, this point is from once of blogger)
  • Insecure lock screen

Bottom Line of AVG For Android
AVG software package has lot of valuable features to protect system and security of personal computer, it improves privacy of office or personal desktop laptop computer, and even if you are using it in Android Smart Phone, It runs smoothly, but a few flaws, quirks and a cluttered design hold it back, but at the end, you can download and install to enjoy virus free operating device.

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