How To Pay Credit Card Bill Offline?

pay credit card bill offline

The Internet is a widely used medium across India, however, there are times when we don’t have access to it or we want to make credit card payments through cash. In such scenarios, the below payment methods are at your rescue.

Simply draw the cheque/draft in favor of credit card issuer along with the account number and drop it at any of the bank’s nearest branches or in the drop boxes at the bank’s ATMs. It’s always better to drop a cheque a few days before the payment due date to be on the safe side. While same bank cheques will be cleared on the same day, other bank cheques may take 2-3 days for clearance.

Over the counter cash payment
Doing credit card payment through cash is easy if you have time to visit the bank’s branch. Simply visit the nearest bank branch and make your payment on time. Please be aware that there will be a service fee for credit card payments made through cash.

ATMs these days do more than just dispensing cash. You can pay your credit card bill using your debit card at your nearest ATM. However, you should visit the ATM of your credit card issuer only.

Phone banking
This mode of payment is possible when you have your bank account and credit card from the same bank. You simple need to call the phone banking helpline of the respective bank and request for a fund transfer to make credit card payment.

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A few banks will allow the users to make payments of the credit cards issued by them through SMS. Customers have to send an SMS in a specific format with account number, payment amount and credit card number to a dedicated number, authorising the bank to deduct bill amount from the account. However, there will be payment limit for the transactions done through SMS. SMS payment is ideal to make payments of Rs.5000 or below.

ECS Payment System
Fill in the ECS mandate formSubmit the form to the bank covering the details of the amount to be debitedObtain the ECS authorized form signed by the bank official.

Payment of CC Bill with Debit Cards
You can use your debit card at the bank’s ATM to clear your credit card dues. Simply select the option of Bill Payment and follow the instructions of the ATM. The money will be debited from your savings or current account.

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Pay Credit Card Bill Over the counter
You can visit any branch of the bank and pay your bill over the counter in cash. A fee is usually charged for this service.

Credit Card Bill Payment by Cheques and Demand Drafts
You can write out a cheque favoring your credit card and deposit it in either a drop box or a cheque payment machine. These are available at the bank’s ATMs or branches.

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