6 Vital Aspects for Popularizing of iOS App

Popularizing of iOS App

It is estimated that there are more than 1 billion Apple devices which are active around the world. So is the growth of the developers for the such devices! The iTunes currently houses more than 1.4 million applications. In this article, I am sharing killer techniques with the help of which you can promote your apps without spending a fortune on the same.

Optimize for your targeted keywords
Similar to the SEO Optimization, there is an important aspect for App optimization. The good news is that the optimization of keywords involves a lot of trial and error methods and other Search Engine Optimization techniques like Keyword Research. Some of the tips to optimize your App in the iTunes store are mentioned below.

  • Use related keywords,
  • Order your keywords according to their priority and importance,
  • Also, target the closely related terminologies along with the relevant ones, and
  • Don’t prefer to use any brand or company name.

In other words, the description of the App serves no other purpose than marketing. However, a good description with a strong CTA may sometimes be as important as the keywords.

Submit your app to the directories
The directories serve a different purpose for the app developers and marketers as well. The first and self-explanatory one is that the index would make it easier for the users to search your app easily. As a result, it would increase your downloads. Also, the ranking of the App will enhance.

Reach out to bloggers
All your App need is higher ranking in the store. So if you want to do so, then you would need to reach out to the prominent bloggers and ask them to give ratings to your product. If you go according to Paul Stamatiou, then there are many things you should remember while you are pitching the bloggers. If you get “NO” repeated times, then don’t get disheartened and keep trying!

Decide on your app name precariously
An App name is also responsible for the optimization of the App name in the store. For example, if you are thinking a name for an Alarm Clock, then “Ultimate Alarm Clock for iPad” would be more relevant than a random name like “Clockstar.” The reason being that, first name is much more efficient and more understandable than the former. So the former one is more impactful.

Offer a FREE Version
It goes without saying that a FREE App would attract more viewers and downloads than a paid version. So why not offer both? You can simultaneously offer “LITE” and “PAID” version of the same app or game in the iTunes as well. For example, Cut the Rope game is available for iPad and iPhone and in both the versions. However, the extra features are available in the paid version which is being advertised in the LITE version as well.

Design your icon efficiently
The icons are the representatives for the entire App. Even if the App is highly ranked, but a poorly designed icon will certainly bring down its rankings. There are many FREE templates that you can start with at the very initial stage.

These are some of the effective ways that will help you to actually popularize your iOS App in the iTunes Apple Store. If you have any other innovative ideas with you, then you can surely share in the comment section. Feel free to do so!

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