How To Fix Printer Problems in Windows 10

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The Windows 10 pre-release or in other words testing phase was around 10 months which was more than any of the other operating system previously issued by Microsoft Windows. After a long pre-testing phase, it was finally released on 29 July 2016. Despite such prolong testing phase WIndows 10 is not far from the issues.

While some of the users are feeling awesome with this version of Windows, there are loads of users who are facing issues related to hardware and drivers. Some faces problem with wifi connectivity while some couldn’t find their printer in this new Windows operating system.

In this post, I will provide you all the troubleshooting if you are facing any printer problem in Windows 10. So, let’s get started with troubleshooting your printer problems in Windows 10.

Method One
Well, you cannot blame Microsoft for all the printer issues that are being faced by their users. In order to solve the issue, they have facilitates a troubleshooter that will fix all the problems automatically. All you need is to run it accordingly in order to detect the issue that surrounds your printer device.

But first, you need to download it and install it. After downloading it you need to double click on the file and then select a printer from the list and then click the “Next” to begin the automatic troubleshooting. It checks for:

#1 Print Spooler Service Errors
#2 Printer Driver Update
#3 Printer Connectivity Issues
#4 Errors From Printer Drivers
#5 Those printers that are not shared with the HomeGroup
#6 Printer Queue

This troubleshooter also checks for the toner cartridges and paper jam before trying to fix the issue. Yet there are some of the problems that are needed to be fixed manually. That I have included in Method 2.

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Method Two
There are other ways to solve issues. Now, the most common issue that is faced by the user of Windows 10 is when their printer is not even get shown in the list of their printer list. There might be two possibilities for that, one it might have outdated driver or second it might have a corrupt driver.

In order to fix this, you will have to manually uninstall the device and then install the latest version of the driver. It is advised to install the driver from the manufacturer’s website only. If the latest version is already installed, then you must cross check it for the compatibility of the driver with the Windows 10.

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Method Three
Even if after the above two methods the problem didn’t rectify, then you might want to get to this final method. In this method, you have to uninstall the device and then reinstall it. To remove the printer device, you have to go to the Device and Printers Window. Simply right-click on your printer, click remove the device and then follow the simple on-screen instructions.

After removing the printer, all you need is to reinstall it and connect it again. What if nothing works for you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options. However, I advise you to make use of the chat option provided by the Microsoft support team for free. This way it becomes easy for you to fix the issue on your own (well, marginally!!!).

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I hope you do like my post. Please leave a comment if you have any different and working solution. I wish you are doing well in your field. Have a wonderful day ahead.

Lance Clemons is the blogger by profession with 7 years of experience. He is associated with a Printzone, an Online store of cheap printer ink in Australia. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends.

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