BankBazaar App: Your Every Financial Need Rolled Into A Sweet Package


Just about every business in the world has stepped into the app-iverse —a universe full of smartphone apps. If you are armed with a smartphone, you can rest assured that anything and everything you will ever need will be found on the app store. If it comes to dealing with your finances, BankBazaar app ranks right up there. This app, primarily built to help customers access the right financial product, comes with a myriad other useful features.

What are the features of the BankBazaar app?

The BankBazaar app comes with a truckload of features that every app user can take advantage of. Here’s all the features listed out for you.

Compare and apply for credit cards:
Yes. You can apply for a credit card in a matter of minutes with the BankBazaar app. Through its user-friendly interface and easy procedure, you can zero-in on the perfect credit card that suits your regular usage. Besides, when you apply for a credit card, you even stand a chance of winning goodies and vouchers along with it.

Compare loans:
Whether it’s personal loans or home loans, BankBazaar app has a listing comprised of some of the most leading banks in the country. You can compare the type of loan you want —personal loan or home loan— and apply for them within a matter of seconds. This is a universe apart from having to actually go to a bank branch to get the process completed.

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Get information on commodities:
We Indians love our jewellery and are often on the lookout for reasons to go on a shopping spree. The Gold rate/Silver rate option on the app lets you get all the information on the rates that are prevailing on a particular day. You get access to rates from over 100+ cities in the country, which can help you make your decisions in split seconds.

Track Daily Fuel Rates:
Stay updated with the latest petrol prices and diesel prices in and around your city with the BankBazaar’s Fuel Rate Tracker.

Keep track of your finances:
This is one of the most important feature of the app. Apart from helping you get loans, credit cards, and other information, the app helps you keep track of your finances. For starters, you can check your bank balance and also receive reminders on any pending credit card EMIs. You can also receive sound financial advice from season industry professionals.

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Get your credit score:
The BankBazaar app has tied up with Experian – one of India’s leading credit information companies. Thanks to this, you can apply for and receive your credit scores as well as your credit report and keep a check on your financial well being. Check your credit score now – it’s FREE!

Finance 101:
Boost your financial IQ in minutes with regular financial tips and latest finance news. Stay up-to-date in the world of Finance. All in all, the BankBazaar app serves as your one-stop destination to compare, apply, check everything with regards to your finances.

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The world of finance made closer to your reach – It’s simple, fast and effective!

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