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Cloud Management

Cloud management platforms are gradually becoming the order of the day as more companies move to the cloud to replace their own IT infrastructure with Infrastructure as Service (IaaS). Flexibility and low cost of using the cloud infrastructure are drawing more and more organizations to the cloud. The market for IaaS is growing at a fantastic rate, and the popularity clearly indicates that the cloud is becoming a much-desired platform for business organizations, developers, and system administrators delivering applications and services.

The portfolio of could applications for consumers is also growing as more and more services and applications are delivered through the cloud. To manage the expanding portfolio, once again you have to turn to the cloud to avail the cloud management platforms that can do it efficiently. Organizations can deploy, monitor, manage and manage applications across private and public clouds by using the cloud services New Jersey that provide both cost saving and agility. As you keep reading, you will know about the capabilities of the cloud platform that you should look for.

Simplification of complexity
The extremely flexible nature of the IaaS platform is one of the reasons for its popularity. When you are using IaaS, you can choose operating systems, instance sizes, application frameworks, databases and many other attributes. If you want to modify specific instances, you can do it by altering boot sequences, altering the configuration and cron jobs. Effective cloud management facilitates the necessary customization for IaaS together with management tools like source control, configuration management, and versioning to exercise the right control.

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Keep an eye on the future
The players in the IaaS market are on an innovation spree making raid strides to take the technology to a new level. The trend is even catching up with the new entrants too, as the list keeps growing. The rapid pace of innovation points to the fact that the offerings from vendors will look quite different in days to come.  Everybody is setting eyes on the future, and you should tune your vision accordingly. By riding on the cloud management platform, you should be able to harness the innovation by extending your support for cloud services offerings and IaaS, cloud provider vendors, both private and public.

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Manage multiple clouds
Taking a cue from the flexible nature of the cloud, users would like to enjoy the benefits of interoperability. If you are using applications in a particular environment, the interoperability should allow you to run it on any other environment without the need of changing the configuration or underlying code. Although the cloud is equipped with API compatibility, interoperability takes it a few steps ahead enabling smooth handling of different behaviors across various cloud providers. Snapshots and storage volumes do not behave in the same way across different networks. Virtual networks also behave differently across the cloud. The cloud management platform that you choose should not only support the multi-cloud feature but also enable it through application interoperability across different IaaS cloud providers.

Support the application lifecycle
Launching an application is just the beginning and managing it involves many more things. Several life events occur in the life of an application – patching security vulnerabilities, updating codes, performance optimization, capacity management, failover, and backups.  To help with each task many tools are available. You will also find alerting, monitoring, auto scaling, configuration management and disaster recovery tools that are required to retrieve an application from the repository of source code through unpredictable service interruptions and predictable updates.

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Manage costs and control it
The ease of using IaaS may lead to the uncontrolled use of infrastructure, and you might become worried that your company is overusing the infrastructure than what you had planned. Moreover, the hourly pricing of IaaS is a concern because most organizations do not keep a tab on the time of use and even those who do it do not have accurate methods of measuring. The cloud pricing is often complex and keeps changing constantly. It becomes a headache for IT departments. Settle for a cloud management system that provides reporting and cost forecasting along with show back so that you do not have doubts about the bill raised at the month end.

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Look for automation
Take advantage of the programmability of the cloud and look for automated processes that take away the hassles of repetitive tasks, lots of which you have to do when working in large environments. You derive the highest value from the cloud management platform when it is capable of providing capacity management and support for continuous integration as well as resource orchestration for reducing the burden of operations and supports your need of ever-growing requirements of computing. With these capabilities, you should be able to manage cloud applications across a multi-cloud environment that provide agility and cost benefits.

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