Blog Topics that Readers Love

If you’re looking for the most popular blog topics of 2017 for your next blogging calendar, it would be important to take note of the blog topics that readers specifically love. With this effort, whether you’re working for an SEO company or an individual blogger, you’ll definitely be able to boost your SEO rankings organically and even dominate the social media space!

If you have noticed lately, travel blogs have been continuously and consistently dominating various top ranking social media sites. Indeed, people are more invested into traveling nowadays hence the constant increase in traffic with the sites which focus on this blog topic.

Why? With traveling as part of almost everyone’s bucket lists, there’s the need for blog posts providing people with necessary information such as itineraries, price range, and cultural tips. Hence, why people love surfing the Web for this particular blog topic. Now, if you’re worried about being not able to travel the world for those blog posts, here’s a tip: do your research, watch travel videos, create your content, and spread the word!

Okay, if there’s one particular blog topic that never gets old, that would be food. Whether it’s a recipe, a list of healthy breakfast meals, or a dinner hack for two, there are always readers for every article. But, for the sake of specifying and a remarkable increase in traffic, you can write food articles focusing on achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Indeed, 2017 is the year for a healthy living. Hence, the growing number of health and food blogs. If you wish to join the foodies’ blog club, you may turn to mommy communities and healthy diet food forums for resources. Even more, you may subscribe to credible YouTube channels.

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Productivity Tips
One of the most dominant and consistent blog topics throughout the years are productivity tips. There’s always the right article for a person, whether he/she is working, studying, or building a business, in order for him/her to be productive. Definitely, the internet will not run out of these useful productivity tips. And no, writing another productivity-tip blog does not mean there are lesser chances of gaining traffic; in fact, people are eager to find more ways in order to increase productivity in their workplace. One of which includes, Ilya Pozin’s, a Forbes’ contributor, “9 Habits Of Productive People” which gained 352,027 visits.

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For business owners and entrepreneurs, time is gold. Hence the reason why it can be particularly difficult for them to keep up with the changes in the industry, and the trends that they needed to go by. Indeed, juggling their important and urgent tasks for the day can be very tedious, hence it can be impossible to take a long time reading a book to keep up with what’s currently important in the industry. Now, this is why entrepreneurship-based blogs are important. Readers, basically businessmen and entrepreneurs, need a brief yet value-wise article in order to be aware of what changes in the international scene. Moreover, there could be times that things will get rough, hence even a motivational article can help them through that particular situation.

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Just remember to put yourself in their shoe, or if you’re an entrepreneur yourself, share your journey. You never know how much you can help these people.

Key Takeaway
With this list, you’ll definitely be able to create quality blog posts that will help your website rank in search engine results for the rest of the year. Just remember to create something that you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends online, specifically something that is of quality, engaging, and value-packed. Good luck with your newest blog post!

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