Angular 4 Launched! So, What’s Different About It?

Angular 4

From the development perspective, Angular 4 is almost as same as Angular 2. Most of the updates are “in” the framework. Upgrading to Angular 4 is as smooth as installing the new dependencies. Angular 4 is faster, incredibly faster, and the most significant change seems to about creating smaller builds.

So, what’s different about Angular 4?

Enhanced more than ever before
Angular 4 promises to deliver web applications that are a lot much smaller and immensely faster. Angular has genuinely become perfect, and with a lot of changes that are going to come in the upcoming months, all the updates will be there to make an application more relevant and competing.

Time Savior
The up-gradations made to the base to what Ahead-Of-Time generated code looks and works. These developments will decrease the complexity and size of the generated code for the elements approximately by 60%. More the templates are complex; more codes are compact.

Independently Animated
The animations package which is removed of @angular/core and now is in their own individual package. This interprets that a developer will not use animations, the additional codes will not finish as in the overall bundles of production. This development also enables the developer to find documentation further quickly and to get the benefit of the enhanced autocompletion feature. Any front-end developer now can readily add animations to the main NgModule by implying New Features of Browser Animations Module.

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Universally Angular
The project environment, Universal, empowers developers to run Angular on a server, is now again updated with Angular, and this is the initial release from Universal, formerly a community-driven and developed project, which was fostered by the Angular developers. This freshest release now incorporates the effects of the internal and external performance from the Universal developers created over the past few months. This preponderance of the Universal code is now placed in @angular/platform-server.

The latest updates have turned Angular to be fit with the more up-to-date TypeScript version. This will considerably advance the speed of NGC and you will get much type bug and error correcting throughout your apps and projects.

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Source Maps for Templates
Due to the immense number of errors created by bugs in the templates, the recently updated source maps which provide a significant context regarding the original template.

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