Why It Is Time to Take Advantage of Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange

For many companies, after adopting a popular CRM such as Salesforce, they find themselves asking; what next? At your disposal is a powerful CRM with abilities to accomplish so much and yet you don’t know how to make it do what you want. You might have been shown the basics but simply relying on that underscores the very essence of Salesforce.

Remember, one of the outstanding benefits of Salesforce is the endless possibility of expanding the existing functionalities. This enables one to cater for the various aspects of his business needs and make the most out of this software therein. Nothing more helps you realize this than taking advantage of third party integrations through Salesforce AppExchange. When integrated with other business applications available in AppExchange, Salesforce becomes even more useful in various areas.

Marketing automation
Pardot Marketing Automation comes handy in creation, launch and management of various marketing campaigns. The good news is that one can achieve this right from the Salesforce dashboard. With features such as Google AdWords Integration, lead generation, targeted email marketing and prospect evaluation, there will always be something to help steer your marketing efforts to the next level.

Real-time data
The integration of Salesforce DX with resourceful applications such as Dun &BradStreet and Data.com enables you to access updated information on contacts, prospects and businesses. This way, you will spend less time researching real-time data and finding fresh Leads. Subsequently, the sale representatives will have more time to focus on other essential aspects such as evaluation of opportunities, handling calls and selling.

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Seamless customer support services
Keeping your customers satisfied is a critical aspect of business. By taking advantage of tools such as Desk.com from AppExchange, you can have multi channel customer support right in front of you. This comes with the possibility of seamlessly integrating communications with your Salesforce contacts.

Outlook integration
You can always access Salesforce data from Outlook. With Salesforceemail connect, one is able to view, add and carry out editing of contacts. Even more, you are at liberty to view calendars, respond to clients and make new deals right from your inbox. The automatic, real-time synchronisation of data further helps drive away the worry of manually updating info on individual platforms.

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Enhanced sales management
The readily available Work.com owned by Salesforce proves critical in managing and motivating your sales team. Right from the Salesforce platform, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate performance of sales representatives
  • Coach the representatives
  • Track periodical performances
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The Salesforce AppExchange boasts of various third party integrations applicable in an array of fields. From customer service, human resource, sales, finances to IT, you can gain so much by taking advantage of this platform. What is even more impressive is the fact that most of these integrations can be used directly from the Salesforce platform. This not only eases the work for your sales team but also promises increased productivity. If you are new to Salesforce, AppExchange is one area you ought to focus your efforts on.

Lucy Jones is a software engineer for a New York based firm. She has developed a number of marketing applications. You can check out some of his work at Flosum.com. In case of inquiries, feel free to email her.

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