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Yes the best of Apple till date is none other than the technology masterpiece the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Both the phones are verdict for the 2014; even they are going to rule this year till the release of updated iPhone.

The new unit became thinner 6.9 mm vs. 7.6 mm for iPhone 5. Due to the small thickness, at first glance, the iPhone 6 felt much thinner, and in spite of the large size is negligible gained weight – 129 vs. 112 g.


But Apple went to the trick: the front lens of the camera above the surface. However, we can’t say that the build-up so spoils the appearance of the phone. Another thing is that the designers, perhaps, worth sacrificing elegance in favor of a more capacious battery.

In general, the smooth shape of the body is better suited for large screen, especially curved glass. But there is one subtle point: iPhone 5 with its right angles and shiny facets create the impression of “high-quality pieces of iron,” something on a par with metal watches, cufflinks and other attributes respectable gentleman.

The iPhone 6, whether it is arbitrarily good, it is not. In addition, if you carefully palpate the machine, you will notice a very small but undeniable decline in the quality of mobile connections. All buttons and mute switch continues to issue clear “click” when pressed, but the button cover just a little hang out in their sockets.

These changes are relevant only for purely perfectionists. The new iPhone is still the leader in quality materials and workmanship among the gadgets available to the masses. So, say goodbye with a steel frame iPhone 4, forget and severe forms of the iPhone 5.

The aluminum as a material has its drawbacks. In particular, where the plastic is deformed elastically, the metal may undergo plastic, that is irreversible deformation. Based on independent testing, in an aluminum casing Plus does have a weak spot below the volume keys. However, the same tests have shown that the deformation occurs at a pressing force of 40 kg, and it is far from normal operating conditions.

Yes, you must have heard about the bending problem of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But believe, it is not that general. You would need 40 KG of pressure to bend it.

The iPhone 6 uses a new system on a chip – Apple A8, which represents the third development of Apple’s CPU microarchitecture own design. What is most important in the A8. The A8 is one of the first SoC, produced on the technological process 20 nm and the iPhone 6, along with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, – one of the first gadgets that received similar chips that are manufactured at such level of technology and scale.

And yes, the verdict is Apple’s iPhone 6 with iOS 8 if we compare the Galaxy Alpha from Samsung. And we also want to tell you this year; very soon Apple will surprise us with the new iPad Air 3.

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