Apple iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8: Pros & Cons

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 plus is the new trend iPhone device in the market and it has many unexpected features in this series.

The designer of this iPhone 6 plus with iOS 8 series has included many new invented apps and the speed of the device has increased.

This is already released version, and it reaches the top place when comes to smartphones. Most of the people like to bring this device because of its newer apps, collections.

Apple iPhone 6

The developer has the majority works to make the new changes. This is the biggest iOS, which released ever, the world’s largest, and most advanced OS has designed with a big leap too. This iOS 8 has the new functions and capability, and now the designer have a lot of access mode and include more tools to bring some of the wonderful new specifications of iOS 8 to their applications. And moreover all these apps look extraordinary on the large size retina HD display.

Features Of Apple iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8
This version has more fun, surprising and more useful to send and receive message. The iOS 8 includes the full of features, which OS makes every experience good. And moreover, it gives the best picture of fitness and the health information.

This version has almost a large number of apps with infinite possibilities. It has the perfect fit and the finishing process. Whatever the features developed by the designer, sure that will impress the people who love this device. The upcoming iOS 9 is the new type of the operating system; it provides more apps beyond your expectation. It can be expected in next version of apple iPhone device.

Advantage Of Apple iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8
iPhone 6 plus with the iOS 8 has 5.5 inch screen with higher resolution retina HD display. This design is amazing and it gives beautiful look to view in the large screen. It has the 16M colors with the multi touch screen, this has the quality of well protection method, it will protect your iPhone 6 plus device from the inadvertently crushed.

It has faster speed and it can deal with various data with more efficiently. This device gives the most power when you operate the larger display; still it is assisted by the M8 motion coprocessor. It is more secure and very convenient to use.

This new apps with the new OS combines the security and the convenience of touch ID and the passbook with the new NFC technology, this technology will help you to pay in stores through the Visa, master card, American apps inside the apps with only a single touch.

Disadvantage Of Apple iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8
The price of this device is very high, and this is the biggest cons about this device, it is more expensive when compared to the earlier versions. It has somewhat similar features in the Android Smartphones, like the size and the custom keyboards, video chat and etc which is also present in the Android device also.

And moreover the speed goes only up to cat 4 with only 150 MBPS this is very low when compared to the LG G3 300mbps. Recently found disadvantage is, it does not have the sufficient space to install the new apps. It has the non-removable li-po battery.

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