Apple Is Desperate Enough To Fix The Bugs; Recent iOS 9 Beta Proves It

iOS 9

There is time for Ios9 to come; at least it’s not going to be made available prior WWDC, June.

However, the interesting part associated with is the next edition iPhone, the iPhone 7.

Apple will be following its pattern to bring iPhone 7 by September.

Anyway, techies don’t resist themselves a lot. They can have iOS9 beta experience this summer.

iOS 9

iOS 8.3 test to initiate this March, and Ios 9 by June:
According to the sources, the ios 8.3 is going to be initiated in spring, and then the Ios9 in summer. The next Ios 8.4 upgrade is speculated to have facility for latest music streaming option for Apple.

On the other hand, the iOS 9 is going to concentrate more on consistency, performance and fixing malwares rather than introducing any new spec. The prime purpose of the beta test is to ensure whether everything is alright with it. Looks like Apple takes the earlier issue of TouchID fingerprint scanner with earlier version of the OS. Cupertino had to introduce a series of upgrades for fixing it.

Ios 9 beta testing will be made available for a limited number of users:
Sources add however that the Cupertino is going to make the iOS 9 beta available for the initial hundred thousand users those register for the AppleSeed program to make it much buzzed. It was something equivalent organised last year as well for the OS X Yosemite along a whooping one million users. Coders have been fortunate enough to play with the beta test.

You have to make a report:
Users those make it to register the latest iOS beta testing program will have an exclusive bug reporting application, quite equivalent as of the OS X public beta users and coders were offered last year. In addition, sources claim that the upcoming operating system has already made entry in to public testing; though on a smaller range.

Apple makes something different:
Though Cupertino loves to keep things to the top, but it looks like the company is going to make something exceptional this time to solve the bugs. It means we can well expect similar processes for upcoming Ios releases as well. Especially, bringing beta for two platforms in such closer intervals is something encouraging for the fans this time.

Usually Cupertino has terminated beta tests that are available exclusively to a fixed number of coders. But, looking at the hike in number of threatening bugs those have resided current iOS releases it seems like the company finds making it available in a bigger mass convenient to eradicate the entire issues.

Apple’s effort for the devices:
Cupertino has been putting a lot of effort for the Apple Watch. Still, the fans would be excited enough to get some clue about the next big thing, the iPhone 7. Earlier it was reported about some specific IDFAs of devices playing with iOS9. Maximum parts of the iOS 9 have witnessed to be generated from the US. Next to come are the recently released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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