Android Games that were most searched in the past year

popular android games

2014 was a huge year for the Android operating system. Hundreds of games were released and some really managed to exceed all our expectations.

From tricky puzzlers and massive RPGs to exhilarating racers and first-person shooters, the Android market has something for everyone.

Regardless of your choice and preference, here are a few Android games that rocked our world in 2014.

popular android games

Modern Combat 5: Blackout
Created by Gameloft, this 5th installment of the Modern Combat series looks sleek and polished. It introduces new characters and allies that can join the main player during conflicts. An interesting aspect about Blackout is that the allies can revive the player one time, if he dies in a campaign mission. Are you ready for some serious action? MC5 welcomes you to create a squad, add friends and put the skills of your team to the ultimate test. The dynamic multiplayer of Modern Combat 5 is mind-blowing, not to mention that the flawless graphics and fast-paced missions will keep your heart pumping and eyes focused on the main prize.

Developed by Sirvo, Threes was one of 2014’s most puzzling Android games. Simple at first, but tough to master, this math game received universal acclaim from the critics. Reviewers found it both “addictive” and “charming”. As far as the gameplay is concerned, all you have to do is slide numbered tiles on a 4×4 grid and mix multiples and addends of three. Swiping numbers on a screen has never been easier, although players must not let themselves fooled by the straightforward graphics. In essence, Threes is quite challenging, so if you haven’t tried it yet, do it right now!

Angry Birds Space
We’ve all played Angry Birds at least once when it was released a couple of years ago. However, according to the developer Rovio, nothing beats Angry Birds Space. This alluring physics game is worth trying out not just because it’s cool, but also because it’s thoughtful and really well-made. Space introduces brand new play concepts. The planet-based levels will require gamers to use different tactics to win and gather points; also, unlike the original Angry Birds game, this variant demands a lot more attention to detail.

Developed by Frogmind Games, Badland was one of 2014’s weirdest games released for Android. Surprisingly, it was also one of the best. With a Metacritic score above 85%, Badland is mysterious, puzzling, and rather gloomy, but in a good way. Featuring a unique “indie vibe”, gamers are in charge of a “blob thing”, which is some sort of peculiar creature that keeps getting bigger and smaller. As you wander through a gloomy, dark world, your “blob” has to surpass all kinds of obstacles and falling objects. To advance in the game, you have to watch out – if you’re too big you won’t fit into the tubes.

Clumsy Ninja
Cute and fun, Clumsy Ninja was developed by Naturalmotion, and it is centered on a novice ninja that must improve his fighting skills. The action-adventure Android game is both cute and funny. Players control the little ninja by swiping and tapping on various parts of this body. The game’s environment is packed with interactive objects, so it’s literally impossible to get bored. Train your character to do certain activities, like playing on a trampoline or playing hide and seek, improve his skills and earn new nets. Complete quests by traveling the world, unlock new items and have the greatest time. Did we mention that Clumsy Ninja is free of charge?

If you haven’t tried any of the above mentioned Android games yet, now it would be the perfect time to give them a try. They’re all fun, entertaining and mega cool.

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