Android Devices Fail To Match Apple iPhone – An Honest Roundup

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Apple introduced its flagship iPhone 6 and 6+ models recently, while the guys at Google were busy gearing up towards the launch of their new Nexus devices.

The Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 have been officially unveiled and the news came at a time when a fantastic build up towards the smartphone market rivalry begun between Apple and Google.

Internet of Things

Droids are loved by almost everybody, except the Apple aficionados who remain faithful regardless of what Android is becoming into. Let’s discuss the picture from an Apple faithful and see how Android devices fail to match Apple iPhone features in the first place.

#1 Trust & Consistent Form Factor
It would be right to say that the Apple iPhone earned its fan following, which is not an easy task. In order to carry forward Steve Jobs’ legacy of “product for people” philosophy, the Apple engineers left no stone unturned and made sure every iPhone or iPad generation was better and improved than its predecessor. There is no better way to earn trust than by serving people with what they need the most. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Android devices on the other hand serve a greater fraction of people. While Apple takes care of both its hardware and software products, Google is only responsible for its Android operating system. The Nexus devices sure are developed under Google supervision, previously by LG and now Motorola, but speaking about entire market – quality and inconsistency has always rigged the droid community.

#2 Privacy & Security
Apple is a pure winner in this regard. There is absolutely no question of user privacy and data security with the iOS, for it is unbreachable and spam resistant completely. In contrast, Android users are usually the target for about 99% of the entire mobile malware and hacker attacks. A great number of hacker friendly security vulnerabilities, ignored back doors and resilient spammers have made Android the preferred choice for malicious software attacks.

#3 Apps
The app market is where we can have endless discussions regarding which operating system is the winner. The choices are clear – Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Android fanatics get more apps than Apple, but the latter gets the cream content. Previously all the great apps used to be introduced for iPhones before they made way to droids. The scene has somehow changed by now and most apps are introduced about the same time on Google Play as Apple App Store. But still exceptions exist – Facebook Paper never saw the Android daylight, one big example.

#4 Bloatware
Apple has the complete control of its software products, and you will never get bloatware with an iPhone device. The picture is not as appealing amid the droid community. For instance, every smartphone manufacturer introduces its own customized UI in their Android models. Samsung has Touchwhiz UI, HTC has Sense UI, Xiaomi has MIUI, etc. All custom UIs, apart from the native Android OS version, come attached many meaningless bloatware applications – which could or couldn’t be removed. Honestly, Android manufacturers have a lot of ground to cover up.

#5 Customer Service
Again this is something that the Android device manufacturers are to be blamed for. The customer service program ranges dramatically from very poor, poor, average to above average, but never ever excellent. Every now and then, droid users can be found complaining about performance issues, poor battery life and abysmal customer service.

For Apple users, this is something like entering a city with majority population of neanderthals. You will never find an Apple iPhone user complaining about their phone; if they have an issue they can simply walk into an Apple facility and walk out with a brand new device within minutes. This is how Apple made a difference in the market and consolidated its presence.

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