Android Applications

Android Apps for Tech Savvy Educators for a Better Teaching Experience

Technology in education has exploded ever since tablets and smartphone became primary computing devices for teachers and students alike.

There are apps that make education easy for students, and tools that help teachers make their lessons more interactive.

If you are a tech savvy teacher, check out these great apps that some general, others geared towards education.

Android Apps for Tech Savvy

Teachers more than anybody else need to organize their thoughts so they can better structure their lessons and plan classes. Evernote lets you:

  • Create to do lists
  • Store small notes
  • Enter your thoughts at any time and tag them
  • Record your voice
  • Capture and store photos
  • Draw pictures

The best thing about Evernote is that you can store thousands of pieces of content and it will index them all. If you want to know what your ideas were 2 months and 3 days ago, you can find them by the tags made by the app. Evernote is a truly innovative app that is available on Android, iOS and Windows.

Microsoft OneNote
The idea behind this app is the same as Evernote. Many users think that OneNote is better than Evernote. Use this app on Android if:

  • You are tied into Microsoft office and have a subscription
  • You are looking for an alternative to Evernote

OneNote is free to download and install. With a Microsoft Account, you can store and sync all your notes from your Android device to the cloud.

This app lets teachers collaborate with students on projects in an easy manner. It is fast and can be installed on Android Phones and Tablets. It is a great way to:

  • Exchange ideas and notes with students
  • Share files and ideas in a secure environment
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The best part of it is that Edmodo is completely free for teachers and students so you can download it and start using it right away.

This app turns text into speech and lets students and teachers access content in audio format. Visually impaired users can:

  • Read blogs
  • Keep up with tweets and social media posts
  • Read web pages with ease

This app bridges that gap for visually impaired students and is a truly great teaching solution for dedicated educators.

Take a Talk
This is a great app that teachers can encourage students to use in their classrooms. It allows students to record lectures, talks, discussions and conferences in any audio format. They can be a great learning tool for students who prefer not to take notes. Teachers can use it to record their own lectures and review them at a later date.

Grade Book
This is an Android app that lets professors manage and store students’ grades in an easy to read format. It can:

  • Email students their respective grades automatically
  • Sync grade data with Google Drive for backup and safety

The free version has the same features as the Pro version of Grade Book, but it is funded by ads.

This is yet another app that makes professors’ lives easier. It is made by the same people who created Grade Book and allows teachers to record their students’ attendance on their Android phones or tablets. Its features include:

  • Emailing attendance records to respective parents
  • Syncing and backing up attendance data with Google Drive
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iAnnotate PDF
This app is another big help for graders because it helps you:

  • Highlight and annotate documents and papers in digital format sent in by students
  • Store grades on your Android phone or tablet

The best thing about iAnnotate is that it support multiple file formats like PDF, DOCX, PPT, PPTX and even image files. This makes it easier for teachers to grade their students more easily without having to resort to pen and paper.

This app helps teachers create questions, quizzes and short answer questions on their tablets. They can then be distributed to students through the Socrative Student app installed on their Android devices.

Teaching will continue to become easier and more tech savvy in the coming years and these apps show a great way forward to educators and students alike. Most of the above apps are free and can be used by any teacher and student remotely around the world.

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