7 Ways Online Videos Can Transform Education

Online Videos

Everywhere you see, teens are addicted to videos and even toddlers would trade their Popsicle for a handheld electronic gadget.  Despite the security-related hullabaloo over modern technology, screen is not education’s enemy.

A nine-year research conducted by Tobias and Fletcher, assigned by the “American Psychological Society” on Training and retention capacity of people finally revealed that “Computer-based instructions” make learning way more easier than traditional lectures and textbooks, depending on valid, post-experimental test scores.

Online Videos

If you’re smart, your education apps could shatter the lethargy of a plethora of class lectures. Cool videos can boost your aptitude for formal training in ways you could never imagine even in the late 90s. Here’s how online video training can alter the way you learn, especially for tech-buffs and electronics-aficionados having a thing for STEM-realm of education!

  1. Touch-screen interface initiates interaction. With iOS apps swiped across with fingerprints, the learners can engage with the study material comfortably.
  2. Positioning an iPad on your classroom desktop fittingly could save you a lot of trouble of flipping through the pages of crinkly textbooks. It could also breathe a fresh life into the age-old chapters.
  3. Online video tutorial can reduce the pocket-splitting cost of expensive textbooks. Considering the sky-high tuition fees that universities demand these days, videos could be a fresh fit for simulating hands-on training right on your palm.
  4. Clever design, smart instructions and visually enriched content could imprint the study topic deep into your mind resulting in a richer, ‘transforming’ learning experience. The swiftness—the laser-shot speed of video snaps could boost your brain’s capacity to absorb information.
  5. Online video libraries take less time to access allowing increased scope for tests, coursework and quizzes. Online education video platforms are highly scalable. So, the learner’s performance can be efficiently measured. Even some of the most commonly used standardized tests are aided by online evaluation techniques.
  6. Online electronics video portal often equips students with threaded discussion or a bulletin board to air their opinions or questions regarding the topic of presentation. It enables you to visit or make queries to your classmate even if you’re nibbling on your late night burrito and nestled at home, in your comfy pyjamas.
  7. Meet the experts at your study room. When Education giants like MIT and IIT tend to reach global learners through videos, geography isn’t an excuse anymore if you have passion to learn. Earlier, specialization was a privilege in education. Nowadays it is an obligation. Online electronics video tutorial is allowing students to opt for any field of specialized study and to directly communicate with seasoned experts anytime, anywhere.

Along with a fascinating sense of ‘directness’ and an unparalleled ease of education, videos are grabbing learners by their “frontal lobe” (The brain-section that plays a seminal part in your communication and memory skills). Online interactive training has become an education fad that the world’s soon to exclusively prioritize. Let videos accompany you in places where textbooks cannot. Electronics video tutorial is selling like hotcakes to Gen Y’s curiosity.

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