Last year, the marketing world benefited from the onslaught of wearable, the accessibility of mobile wallets and the innovations of augmented reality technology.

Mobile marketers are reworking their strategies, and brands are accommodating for big, wide-angled strategies to capture winning strategies while prioritizing the customer.

Marketing Strategy

Check out the following trends likely to sweep the business climate this year, and take advantage of the many ironclad strategies currently available for marketers:

#1: Integrate E-Commerce Strategy with Social Media
If you’re selling goods and services, mobile-first social platforms and apps will be invaluable. In 2016, they’ll be fully integrated with e-commerce. As mobile users find inspiration, explore new options and purchase items, options like Instagram’s Shoppable and Pinterest’s Buyable Pins will dominate, state experts. Already, visual marketing supplier and platform, Olapic, is making waves in the mobile world.

#2: Create a Mobile Video Strategy
Mobile video exploded in 2015. In 2016, it’ll be used by many mobile marketers to grow traffic exponentially. In 2014 alone, mobile traffic expanded by 70 percent. Since then, 55 percent of all mobile data has been spent on mobile videos. Few outreach efforts compare to a viral video campaign, and mobile video is dominating the marketing world. Providers like Google are reworking the way consumers browse the Internet, too, incorporating video advertisements in search results to provide organic browsing.

#3: Provide a Mobile Coupon Program
Mobile coupons are coming of age, too. In 2015, 50 percent of American consumers made purchases immediately after receiving a branded text, QR code, coupon or text-based discount options. In-house sales are being driven by out-of-house mobile marketing efforts. Consumer conversion, now, is accessible when an automated SMS service is offered. Marketers can shoot out mobile discounts immediately, generating revenue while lowering expenses.

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#4: Integrate Mobile with In-Store Operations
No, it isn’t augmented reality. It’s augmented selling. The ever-connected mobile consumer is checking their phone constantly. By aligning your mobile services with real world offers, your brand can create a fully immersive storefront experience. 42 percent of buyers operating a mobile device while shopping spend $1,000 more than their no-phone counterparts. They’re checking reviews, gaging competition and seeking products. Capture the consumer on your turf, and spike your strategy with a comprehensive mobile approach.

#5: Jump On Product Reviews
70 percent of mobile searches result in action within 60 minutes or less. If you can catch the review-browsing consumer, you can influence purchases with follow-up QR codes, on-site marketing and text-based offers. Embed links within product reviews, and send browsing consumers straight to your e-commerce platform.

#6: Get Into In-App Advertising
In-app advertising, soon, will be the go-to strategy for mobile marketers. Ad blocking software is rising, protecting the consumer’s privacy while blocking intrusiveness. It is, however, a startlingly slow process. Right now, only 16 percent of the American population has blocked advertisements from last quarter.

That said, rapid technology adoption is enticing providers like Apple and Google to further block in-browser ads. Apps will soon be the forefront of mobile advertisement, so play accordingly.

#7: Get Involved in Social Chat
WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are leading the crowd to new, full-fledged marketing innovations. Payment and commerce platforms, in 2016, will emerge into the social world. Consumers will be able to connect with companies, leave reviews, request services and reserve products via integrated mobile-social chat. The trend is expected to take off through the vehicle of apps, too, so prioritize the development of social-enabled apps where possible.

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What’s Next?
What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you start your mobile marketing campaign? I would love to read your comments below.

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