How To Increase Email Click-Through Rates: 6 Ways

click through rates email

Email marketing is no new strategy. In fact, it is the most used and relied upon one when it comes to getting your point across the audience.

But more times than we anticipate, those emails usually end up in the spam folder or fail to garner the click rates as most of them don’t see the light of the day.

Here are some quick handy tips you can keep in mind in order to increase email-through rates.

click through rates email

Thought provoking content
Always try to provide the your customers/ audience with ample food for thought. Prick their minds and stimulate those Grey cells. Your idea should be dynamic enough to linger in their minds and navigate their thought process in the direction you want.

Target audience
It’s important to identify your target audience and tailor your mail accordingly. Know their psychology and what clicks with them. Throwing in random jargons and ideas at the wrong audience will be equivalent to taking a shot in the dark. While sports might not interest someone with a flair for fashion, the opposite could be the case too. You need to know what kind mails will get past what kind of people.

Break it down
It always helps to be specific. People are more inclined to read something which covers all your points while it looks short and sweet than get hung up on a long paragraph with monotonous frame. Be sure to highlight the points which are in the customers’ interest and appeal to them. Do away with unnecessary segments and points. Using an ordered list or a compilation of the best possible results is a great way to present your content.

Subject play
Using catchy and out-of-the box subject will garner the attention you need. That one line which acts as a precursor to your mail makes a huge difference as most of judge the importance or urgency is a particular by its subject line. A funny tag line or an unconventional subject questioning the set of pre-formed norms is a wonder trick. Using trigger words also pricks curiosity amongst the audience.

Social statistics tool
Use social statistics to attract them. When they see the ratio of crowd pulled towards the particular product or service you’re marketing, they tend to trust more. After all, word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Nothing better than showing them what others, just like them, prefer. Throw in some testimonials and win their hearts.

Customer is the king
Optimize it for several devices such as mobile and tabs so that you don’t miss out on a huge audience who access their emails through these platforms. In the end, customer is indeed the king. Gently cushion their ego and make them feel important. Personalized messages or something which people relate to or vouch for is a sure winner.

For example, a trusted brand such as TinyOwl has aced marketing. Though, arguably a new player, with its efficient service providing scheme and pitch perfect marketing, it has already won hearts. It knows exactly what the customers want and routinely pampers them with penny-saving TinyOwl coupons.

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