6 Digital Marketing Myths That You Need to Stop Believing in Now!

Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing is a vast field. With the quickly rising use of social media on a day to day basis, it is time for companies to invest their resources into digital marketing techniques to generate a plethora of inbound as well as outbound leads. The popularity of these techniques has also invited unwanted myths that crowd the minds of even the most experienced CMOs.

Here are the top 6 digital marketing myths that you need to stop believing in now!


#1. Old School SEO Techniques are Still the Best
SEO is everything but stagnant. It is one of the most fluid and dynamic processes that require a lot of new ideologies. The old school SEO techniques of stuffing keywords into your content at the cost of readability will not lead you anywhere. You need to lay enough emphasis on the user accessibility as well as readability to make the best use of SEO techniques in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

#2. Social Media Marketing Works Only for Specific Verticals
Social media marketing is one of the most versatile marketing techniques in the industry today. You can sell everything right from underwear to a high-tech IoT item using the digital marketing methods. Hiring a professional who understands the problem statement and the use case of your business is the best way to ensure that your marketing techniques yield results.


#3. Sticking to a Tried and Tested Method Will Always Yield Positive Results
You need to be dynamic with the digital marketing techniques and adopt the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve and competition. It is crucial that you invest in competitive analysis and A/B testing for digital marketing analytics before running a mass market campaign.


#4. Experimentation Can Affect Popularity on the Internet Negatively
You need to be ready to face the consequences of experimentation with digital marketing. You cannot bet your money on a single digital marketing technique. Instead, you need to invest in multiple modes of digital marketing to yield positive and significant results over time.


#5. Focus on Retargeting is Like Invasion of Privacy
Some people feel that retargeting based on the cookie-based data is creepy. They feel that it is as good as an invasion of the privacy. However, with the right set of permissions, there is nothing wrong with retargeting. Instead, most sales strategies suggest that a customer buys a particular product/service only after persistent sales executive puts in 4-5 consecutive follow-up efforts.


#6. Big Brands Do Not Require Digital Marketing
Every big and small company needs to allocate some portion of its marketing and sales budget into digital marketing to stay afloat in the highly competitive environment. In India hpsangha.com one of the best digital marketing agency who handle bigger company digital marketing promotion. With so many choices for every product/service in the market, it is possible to lose a customer in an instant.

Several modern-day marketing automation platforms will help you automate and personalize the digital marketing strategies to increase the prospect to customer conversion rate. Investment in one or more digital marketing strategies will reap benefits as long as the focus of the company remains customer-centric.

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